Palm Sunday Refugee Rally 2015

Palm Sunday is traditionally a Christian celebration marking the return of Jesus to Jerusalem the week before Easter, (marking the resurrection of the lord saviour). But, in recent years Palm Sunday in Australia has been used to mark a different occasion. A commemoration, a solidarity protest for those seeking asylum in this country. On the […]

Record Store Day

  Some professionals go 100 metres in ten seconds. It takes us 50 minutes. And yet, the prize is as valuable as any gold medal. Surrounding us is a community enthused by an ‘obsolete’ medium, ready to freeze in the Saturday morning air to get their hands on some rare records. Record Store Day began in […]

Capital Yarns – Q&A

Capital Yarns is a project by Canberra lawyer, Sean Costello. The website allows the public to suggest 3 random things and Costello weaves them into a story set right here in our nations capital. I spoke with him about the project and his recent book release. Anja Kokkonen: How did you come up with the idea […]

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Q&A with Badminton Star Anthony Joe

With the 2016 Rio Olympics fast approaching, athletes from all over the world are bidding to receive the honour of representing their country at the pinnacle of sport. Anthony Joe is a 20 year old Canberra product who is hoping to represent Australia in badminton, while also completing an engineering degree at the Australian National University […]

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Cirque Africa: A Night in Africa

Cirque Africa was a night that left me shocked, amazed and in hysterics. I was expecting the show to be a flop; the car park was relatively empty and there was no line. There were two big top tents. The first tent was for pre entertainment, and included a jumping castle, music, a small stall and snacks […]

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The ICONS Concert Series: Rebuilding Youth Music in Canberra

In the midst of the well-publicised demise of the Arts program at the Australian National University (ANU), there is one young orchestra looking to buck the trend of local artists leaving Canberra to further their careers. The Canberra Youth Orchestra (CYO) is a group of mostly 17 to 23 year old musicians who are looking […]

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Doughnuts and business: A Q & A with Geoff Whittall of Bombolini

Canberra start up business Bombolini is becoming the go-to place for doughnuts. Though only young, the business already has a huge following – so much so that they often sell out. Food lovers and supporters of start up businesses have allowed Bomoblini’s population to grow. Geoff Whittall, the brains behind the tasty concoctions, shared details […]

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Spec Ops: The Line Review

A photo posted by Robert Dioszegi (@dioszegirobert) on Mar 14, 2015 at 1:14am PDT Spec Ops: The Line is a great game. It has solid characters, an interesting storyline, and forces the player to make difficult decisions. The game is a third person cover based shooter, set in a world where the city of Dubai […]

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Q and A with Olga Shaw

  My interview subject, and mother, Olga Shaw, was born and raised in the USSR, migrating to Australia in 1989. She was born in Grozny, Chechnya in 1965, before moving to Moscow for further education. Olga is of Russian descent, her ancestors had moved to Grozny as a result of the Russian Revolution. There she […]

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Getting Real About Illicit Drug Use at EDM Festivals

The electronic dance music (EDM) business, propelled by large scale music festivals, has grown to an estimated worth of $4.5 billion, […]

Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered

“A heavy bassline repeated over and over. Someone was enjoying themselves on a piano. And of course a saxophone whimsically […]

Liam Budge and a Sold-Out Show

“Cheers!” announces one lady, clinking her glass with three other women, two minutes before he was set to take the […]

Q&A: Amnion with Georgia Morton

In its fifth year, The Wall at Honkytonks has allowed new and emerging artists to showcase their work without commission […]

All the Single Ladies: Top 5 Movies

Source: via GIPHY   You don’t need to put a ring on it to have fun and ladies certainly have […]

Canberra Classic Boatfest

Nostalgia abounds on Lake Burley Griffin as the Traditional Boats Squadron take their boats to the water for the Canberra Classic Boatfest. Boat […]

Q&A: A University student’s perspective of being an Uber driver

With Uber doing so well in the transport game these days, I thought it might be good to see what […]