Gay and Muslim: Contradiction?

Canberra Mosque, Yarralumla By Isaac Nowroozi Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community are claiming that it is okay to be gay and Muslim. LGBTI member and political campaigner Damir Ahmetovic believes that, contrary to popular belief, it is not a contradiction to be gay and Muslim. “There is no contradiction […]

A home away from home

By Madeline Hayman-Reber For most parents, the birth of a child is an extraordinarily happy time. It’s a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate a new life and a new family member. However, things can go wrong in pregnancies, and sometimes the baby is delivered earlier than expected and require the expertise […]

Film and television productions put Canberra in the spotlight

By Ryan Towler The number of film and television programs being produced in Canberra is growing with the city attracting production companies from across the country. The peak body for the local film industry Screen ACT says one of the reasons for this growth is funding provided by the ACT Government through the ACT Screen […]

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Kimbo: the man, the myth, the cyclist

By Elliot Williams It is currently impossible to drive around Canberra without being assaulted by political signage. With the election coming up this Saturday, 15 October, it’s hardly surprising.   Variations of ‘No Tram’ have been popular. The Liberals, who love a three-word slogan with the best of them, gave us the clichéd ‘For All […]

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Calls to decriminalise medical cannabis products in ACT

By Libby Kimber A Canberra woman is calling on the ACT Government to decriminalise the use of cannabis products for medical purposes. Twenty-one year old Laura Bryant suffers from chronic arthritis, and turned to cannabis oil to treat her severe pain and inflammation when traditional treatments weren’t working. Despite recent changes to legislation to allow […]

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Elite sport and social media: is it a necessary evil?

Instagram, Edwina Bone. By Emma De Kiefte In the modern world social media has a close relationship with elite sport. Yet this relationship is not always positive. Professional boxer, Gerard O’Mahony, fears that social media is having an ill effect on sport, as athletes have gotten into the habit of talking themselves up rather than […]

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New national plan to help international students

By Eddie Bonsu The Australian Government has launched a draft national strategy on international education focussing on internships and employment opportunities for international students. Assistant Director of Strategic Policy in the Department of Education, Tom O’Brien, says the plan has been developed in response to claims of exploitation and hardships faced by international students. “Employability is […]

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Proposal to make parkour permanent in Canberra

German Parkour traceuse training at ‘Toast’ in Canberra City By Sarah Hill The Canberra Parkour Association has teamed up with ACT Labor Party candidate Josh Ceramidas on a proposal to create a parkour training ground in the city. Most people will have seen parkour in movie chase scenes where people sprint through a city, jump […]

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Stamping out Australia’s macho drinking culture

By Carley-Louise Hitchins Canberra’s partygoers are attempting to stamp out the Australian ‘macho culture’ to eliminate alcohol-fuelled violence and prevent lockout laws. The rugby players of the Canberra Viking’s team have started an ongoing education program to bring awareness to alcohol-fuelled violence by highlighting disorderly behaviour as ‘uncool’. The motivation behind the program is the players’ […]

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Getting Real About Illicit Drug Use at EDM Festivals

The electronic dance music (EDM) business, propelled by large scale music festivals, has grown to an estimated worth of $4.5 billion, […]

Rio 2016 podcast – Episode #10

The final program for the Rio Olympics as we review Australia’s performance, the Olympics legacy for Rio, and the future […]

Olympics battling with relevance

The sport may have finished but the #Rio2016 Closing Ceremony starts now!! #OlympicGames — Rio 2016 (@Rio2016_en) August 21, […]

Taking the Mickle

In case you were wondering, @kimmickle is all ok. She managed this pic & message via Instagram. Stay strong Kim! […]

Can gold medals be bought?

Ruth Jebet #BRN picked up #Gold in the women's 3000m steeplechase final today, who will be medal winners tonight? […]

Rio 2016 podcast – Episode #9

Medal inspiration on the water for Australia on day 13. And are the fun police ruining the Olympic party in […]

Rio: let’s focus on the good of the Games

Arrived into the beautiful city of Rio today💜@olympics @Rio2016_en @AUSOlympicTeam#rio2016 — Caroline Buchanan (@CBuchanan68) August 12, 2016 By Ryan […]