Palm Sunday Refugee Rally 2015

Palm Sunday is traditionally a Christian celebration marking the return of Jesus to Jerusalem the week before Easter, (marking the resurrection of the lord saviour). But, in recent years Palm Sunday in Australia has been used to mark a different occasion. A commemoration, a solidarity protest for those seeking asylum in this country. On the […]

Record Store Day

  Some professionals go 100 metres in ten seconds. It takes us 50 minutes. And yet, the prize is as valuable as any gold medal. Surrounding us is a community enthused by an ‘obsolete’ medium, ready to freeze in the Saturday morning air to get their hands on some rare records. Record Store Day began in […]

Capital Yarns – Q&A

Capital Yarns is a project by Canberra lawyer, Sean Costello. The website allows the public to suggest 3 random things and Costello weaves them into a story set right here in our nations capital. I spoke with him about the project and his recent book release. Anja Kokkonen: How did you come up with the idea […]

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Changing Environments – 100 Life Changing Stories

When she was twelve and a half Mechelle Swanepoel left India to live with her father in the United Kingdom. Mechelle initially spoke Hindi and only limited English, struggling to communicate with others and improving her English through any means she could find. Often that meant through television programmes, resulting in a slight North American accent. […]

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The Carbon Project

Researchers at the Institute for Applied Ecology are trying to determine how many trees we would need to plant to neutralize Australia’s carbon output. Lucy Harrington speaks with Professor Ross Thompson and Dr Fiona Dyer about the reforestation of the Australian mainland. [wpdevart_youtube]1fd3NP8Q0zA[/wpdevart_youtube] The main aims of the Institute for Applied Ecology’s ‘Carbon Project’ are […]

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Losing a Loved One – 100 Life Changing Moments

It is only natural that the death of a parent is a significant loss in anyone’s life, but when Eoghan O’Byrne’s father died at the age of 55 to a hereditary heart condition, Eoghan confides that he also lost his best friend and biggest role model in life. He faced the realisation that he too […]

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Moving from Macedonia – 100 Life Changing Moments

Eleven years ago, Elena Kotevska came to Australia from Macedonia for her cousin’s wedding and fell in love with the country. She dreamt of one day returning and in 2009 her dream became a reality. With a suitcase in one hand and student visa in the other, Elena returned to the country that had captured her imagination. […]

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Coming Home to Hell – 100 Life Changing Moments

The memory of returning home from a holiday to find only the foundations of her property left, after the 2003 bushfires ripped through her suburb, remains fresh in Natasha Sparke’s mind. Ms Sparke, who was eight at the time, was on a car trip home from the Gold Coast with her family when she heard […]

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Nothing to Lose, An Entire Life to Gain – 100 Life Changing Moments

Laura Bryant had given up. On happiness, hope and a life without pain. She had given up on medicine, and finding a treatment for her chronic inflammatory arthritis. Confined to her bed, crippled by stabbing pain and sedated by 45 pills a day, Laura had considered ending it all. Fast forward 12 months, and 21 year-old Laura […]

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Getting Real About Illicit Drug Use at EDM Festivals

The electronic dance music (EDM) business, propelled by large scale music festivals, has grown to an estimated worth of $4.5 billion, […]

The Education Dilemma – fee or ‘free’ for quality

Parents will spend an estimated $500,000 per child for a complete package of private primary and secondary education, according to […]

Help at hand for Hendra?

Hendra virus is a deadly disease that can lead to the deaths of both horses and humans. It is transmitted […]

Calls for a ‘free vote’ on same sex marraige

A change in Australian Government leadership has rekindled hope for supporters of same-sex marriage, who are calling on the new […]

Crafting Furniture and A Future -100 Life Changing Moments

Tom Skeehan was always a creative individual but he never imagined running his own studio, while sitting on furniture that […]

Ann – 100 Life Changing Moments

When she heard the news that her friend, Sarah had died by suicide Anne was not sure how to react. […]

Medical Cannabis in the ACT

The ACT is could become the first state in Australia to legalise the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The […]