A Big Day For Tiny Trains

A Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny TrainsA Big Day For Tiny Trains

by Chester Ward

The Model Train Expo at the University of Canberra High School is a good day of fun for all the family.


Walking around the event, you are really able to see the love and care that most of these hobbyists put into their model trains and the environments they ride around in. And it’s very nice to see how happy they are, sharing their hobby with old and young people alike.

For All Ages-min


The attention to detail in some of the trains is truly astonishing. Some trains have passenger cars that are lit from the inside, with fully painted model people looking out the windows. Other trains have real lights, and even fake smoke puffing from their chimneys as they roll around the tracks.

Detailed Trains-min

From real places to fake landscapes, the variety and quality of the environments for the trains is astounding. Do you want a relaxing ride through snowcapped mountains, with frost covered pine trees? You got it.

Snowy Mountains Railway Set up-min

A busy industrial port filled with shipping containers? They have you covered. Or a hostage situation with a team of SWAT police responding at night time over a train yard? One of the hobbyists here has made that.

Night time Police Railyard-min

Some hobbyists take their environments one step further with day and night cycles that rotate as the trains go around, and this adds another wonderful element to some already impressive scenery. Really, it seems like the only limit on what they can create is their imagination.

Most of the hobbyists that oversee the variety of tables are happy and eager to answer any questions you may have about their set or a particular train. And many are also ready to explain what trains or resources you should look at if you are thinking about getting into the hobby yourself. It is not a cheap hobby to have though, with some of the more premium trains reaching almost $1,000 dollars.

By Chester Ward

Story and all images by Chester Ward

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