The new Netflix Original series Riverdale, is action packed with scandal, drama and mystery. The characters on the show and their relationships, are somewhat based off the character’s from the Archie comic book series. It begins when the small town of Riverdale is rocked by the murder of one of the town’s most beloved football players, Jason Blossom on July 4th at the river.

Many of the students at Riverdale high school are affected by Jason’s murder, including Betty Cooper, Riverdale’s good girl. Betty’s sister and Jason’s ex girlfriend, Polly, was shipped off by her parents to somewhere outside of town just before Jason’s death. Although Betty often inquired about Polly’s whereabouts, she was told that Jason had made her mentally unwell after he broke things off with her. This leaves Betty on a quest to find out where her sister really is and why she was sent away.

Betty’s childhood crush and a member of the football team, Archie Andrews, finds himself in a difficult situation after being at the river and overhearing a gun shot on July 4th, when Jason’s body was found. While Archie is passionate about football, he is conflicted by his desire to play music instead of football. He had begun an inappropriate relationship with his music teacher and was not prepared to let her risk her job by telling the police who he was with on July 4th.

Things get complicated between Betty and Archie when the new girl Veronica arrives at Riverdale High School. It’s not long before the secrets of the town’s families begin to surface and the mystery surrounding Jason’s murder develops. As the series develops, it becomes evident that many people in Riverdale had their own reasons to see Jason Blossom killed.

New episodes of Riverdale are available every Friday on Netflix.

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