Multicultural Sundays At Old Bus Depot Markets

Multicultural Sundays At Old Bus Depot Markets

T he warehouses at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston were filled with exotic colours and flavours when the ‘Multicultural Sundays’ again hit the site. The event is held on the first Sunday of every month and  features food, clothing, and local arts of various cultural backgrounds.

Crowds gather at the popular Old Bus Depot Markets [Photo: Lewis Haskew]

Crowds gather at the popular Old Bus Depot Markets [Photo: Lewis Haskew]

The market is made up of more than 200 stores selling goods such as food, clothing, jewellery, home wares, garden, arts and craft, and collectibles from around the world as well as your weekly favourites. Fresh fruits and produce also line the front of the building.

The self-proclaimed ‘Canberra’s Sunday Best’ has been running for 20 years and is a great way to round off your weekend. For those who need a fix of caffeine before you start the day you can grab a coffee at any of the various coffee carts located at each of the entrances to the warehouse. For those looking for a bit more to eat you can head to the back of the warehouse where a sideshow alley of exotic food awaits.

Arriving early is the best way to enjoy the markets and ensure yourself a place to park.

Multicultural Sundays are part of the themed market events run at the Old Bus Depot Markets. This also includes Designer Sunday, on the third Sunday of the month, and Collectable Sunday on the fourth.

The markets open between 10am-4pm. Parking and entry at the venue is free.

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