M any gyms are available for students at the University of Canberra (UC) and surrounding areas. Finding a gym that suits your needs at a reasonable price is an important factor before choosing the right gym.


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UC Fit

UC Fit gym is located in the same building as Brumbies HQ in Building 29. It’s the top choice of many students as it is the cheapest option and conveniently located on campus. The cost of a twelve-month membership is $410 which allows access any time during opening hours which is usually between 6 am and 10 pm. The gym is quite small, which means during busy times, it can be difficult to find the equipment you are looking for. Unlike the other gyms, there are no other facilities available to members other than the main gym facility.
Limited free parking is available outside the Brumbies HQ for an hour, if your session is longer than that you will have to pay for parking in a nearby car park



Club Lime


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The next closest gym to campus is Club Lime, located in the CISAC building on the corner of College Street and Eastern Valley Way in Belconnen. Choosing Club Lime as your gym will cost you more, however the quality of equipment, range of facilities, and size of the gym greatly surpasses that of UC Fit. A twelve-month membership will cost you around $1099 which is considerably more than UC Fit. The membership allows access to all other Club Lime gyms across Canberra, a personal program, free use of the CISAC pool, free use of spa and steam room and the gym is accessible 24hrs. Ample free parking is available for members. If you want to get more out of your gym and are willing to pay for it, Club Lime is the option for you.



Photo credit: Eamon Moore  

AIS Fitness Facility

If you like the idea of using the gym and the pool but want to avoid a big cost, the AIS fitness facility beats Club Lime by $225 as a twelve-month membership to the gym will cost you $745. The facility is well maintained and larger than UC Fit. Plus, if you add a three-month pool concession for $129, you beat Club Limes price by $225. This is a good option for you if you want to work out and have access to the pool between the times of 6:15 am to 9 pm and parking is also free at the facility.


If price is your main concern, UC Fit is your best choice as it’s significantly cheaper than the other gyms. If you want a comprehensive gym with plenty of facilities and are willing to pay for it, then make your way to a Club Lime facility. But if you want to split the difference with a cheap price and good facilities, the AIS fitness centre is the one for you.

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