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A study of binge-watching Netflix, conducted by me, a binge-watcher

My name is Glenn Lewis, and I’m a Netflix addict. When Netflix was introduced to Australia in March 2015, I immediately spent the required $8.99 and settled in to explore the 35,000+ hours of Netflix provides. One year later, I’ve (easily) binge-watched over 400 episodes of various shows – The Office, Mad Men, Parks & […]

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Restoring dignity and bringing hope: all in a day’s washing

Orange Sky van

Orange Sky Laundry is on a mission to connect the homeless with the community by providing a free mobile laundry service. I volunteered my services one Saturday morning in Kings Cross to see how it worked and what Orange Sky meant to the people who use it. By Gabrielle Kneipp Bloodstains mark the shirt that […]

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24 hours of physical, mental and emotional pain

24 hours of physical, mental and emotional pain

By Tom Corrigan You begin the journey with bright ambitions. You’re not a hero but what you’re about to start requires a heroic effort. You’re equipped with your Nike Lunarglides – the favourite pair of running shoes you’ve had for months. Your phone is banded to your left arm and all you can hear is […]

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The Secret of Funny Hill

By Laura Clements Hooves thunder down the final stretch, each equine carrying not just its jockey, but the hopes of many a punter. You can feel the crowd push on the fence, drawn to the track like a magnet. Tickets in hand, waving them like a talisman, willing their runners home. Some stand back, a […]

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The Hidden Talent

By Kayla Brock Lights flicker as people in all black rush across the floor scurrying like mice to their positions. They have a single purpose to fulfill. The stage is their stomping ground and the equipment is their tool. The lights stop flashing and the bright sound of an introduction begin to fill the House. […]

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Don’t Underestimate Louise

By Kalindi Commerford Have you ever thought of your skin as a coffin? Death is an inevitable fact of life for all of us, however what if you were considered lifeless or ‘vegetative’ while still alive? It’s a state that can baffle doctors causing them to move treatment plans away from recovery towards asking our […]

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Rebuilding what was once in Fiji

Mesulame Dolokoto

By Jessica Taulaga It’s an analogy that would best describe Cyclone Winston: “If you’ve seen a tennis ball and you’ve seen a soccer ball, imagine Fiji as the tennis ball and the cyclone as the soccer ball. That’s how big the depression was. That’s what a category five cyclone is,” says His Excellency Mr Yogesh […]

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Dark tourism: from where you wouldn’t rather be

Olga Horak

Fancy trading in Disneyland for a bit of death, disaster or atrocity on your next holiday? It’s not as unthinkable as it may seem. Dark tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tourism industry. But what’s driving it? Sarah Kleven investigates. Upon visiting Auschwitz, I was quite disturbed by two things: the […]

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Flattening history

By Claire Grinsell-Jones Can you keep it down, some of us are trying to philosophise!” It’s not the kind of thing you expect to hear as you walk down the main street of a Canberra on a quiet Sunday evening, but the Northbourne Flats have a reputation as a sketchy part of town – one […]

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Mall Food Courts: The Modern Watering Hole

By Alex Henderson Everything in the mall food court is sticky. Black-clad cleaners—the real heroes here—glide in and out, scooping up food wrappers, crumpled napkins, and abandoned scraps from the tables, then spraying, wiping, finishing with a flourish and tucking in the chairs. They are meticulous, practiced, moving like well-oiled machines… but everything is still […]

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Getting Real About Illicit Drug Use at EDM Festivals

The electronic dance music (EDM) business, propelled by large scale music festivals, has grown to an estimated worth of $4.5 billion, […]

Acting for Change: by a Syrian, for the Syrians

By Laura Clements Evenings in the streets of Amman are especially pleasant during the summer months. A bit less so […]

Risking his life for his health

Fares Yousef Ahmed is a 21-year-old student at Qatar University. He is slight, at 57kg, but he hasn’t always been. […]

Q&A With Rami Sultan

Meet Rami Sultan. His huge smile and positive outlook are the first thing you will notice. Rami grew up in […]

Laith Mofleh, Gaza Refugee Camp Volunteer

To Australian audiences, refugee success stories are usually framed by the generous efforts of Westerners in a foreign country. They travel to the country in […]

Walking the talk: it’s not over for Beki Smith

Beki Smith doing the hard training yards along Lake Burley Griffin Source: Instagram/Beki Smith By Rochelle Riley Beki Smith was ready […]

I Heard It Through The Grape Vine

Wine making, to wine connoisseurs, has always been known as an art form. The wine making industry has evolved from […]