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Q&A with Field Hockey Umpire Nathan Cornish

In sport, we often consider the pressure that players and coaches are under. But rarely do we contemplate the pressure of being an umpire. Not only are they required to make split-second decisions, which could decide the outcome of a game, they also have to work alongside fired-up players and abusive spectators. Nathan Cornish first […]

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5 Best Burgers in Canberra

It’s no secret that Canberra is a place that does burgers and does burgers well. With more than one place that is dedicated to the humble burger alone (and no, I’m not talking about McDonalds or KFC). So how do you know what burger joint is right for you and your crew? Below is a […]

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November 16 – A night to remember in Australian sport

The Fifa World Cup is fast approaching and Australia will be featuring for the fourth consecutive time, however, fans will remember the difficulties that the Socceroos endured in the lead up to 2006. November 16 is an Australian football documentary produced by Richard Bayliss and Ben Coonan that aired on Foxsports Australia on the 16th […]

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A Tribute to Kato Ottio

The Canberra Raiders took on the Newcastle Knights in round 2 with the Knights prevailing 30-28 at GIO Stadium in Canberra. It wasn’t the result that the home fans were hoping for but more than a thousand supporters stuck around after the game for what was to follow. A tribute to the life of Kato […]

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Q&A with David Jordan

David Jordan is a University of Canberra graduate who completed a Bachelor of Sports Media degree in 2016. His internship with Capital Football during his university tenure ultimately led him to become the coordinator of digital engagement for the organisation. I caught up and had a chat with the 23-year-old UC graduate about his experiences […]

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Getting Holey in Deua National Park

If you’ve driven anywhere in rural Australia, you’ll know by now we’re not particularly good with original names. Deep Creek, One Tree Hill, Square Rock… you get the picture. So, when you visit The Big Hole, that’s exactly what you get. The Big Hole is a limestone, roofless cave that is estimated to have taken […]

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Review: Winter Olympics 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympic games held in Pyeongchang have recently come to an end with Australian athletes leaving with familiar medal count results from previous years. Competing across ten events, Australia was able to win medals in nearly a third of all events, returning with two silver medals, one bronze but no gold. Skier Matt […]

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Q&A with Michael Zakoski

Introducing Michael Zakoski, an applied economics student, traffic scheduler at Prime7, and retired professional football player in Spain and Italy. He’s currently taking on a new challenge finding and cultivating young football talent in the Canberra and Queanbeyan communities to help other young hopefuls of the game achieve the same success that he’s known. He […]

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The Five Biggest Ever Wins in International Soccer

In less than three months the world’s 32 best footballing nations will converge on Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and no doubt there will be plenty of thrilling contests. International soccer isn’t always a tight affair however. When you consider that there are 211 FIFA nations it’s no surprise there is the occasional […]

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Safe trails for cycling students

On a standard UC weekday, car spaces are few and far between, and many students accumulate a hefty fare if a day of study is to be done. So why pay $19 a fortnight when you can get to university for free? Many students are finding alternative modes of transport to get to the university […]

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Getting Real About Illicit Drug Use at EDM Festivals

The electronic dance music (EDM) business, propelled by large scale music festivals, has grown to an estimated worth of $4.5 billion, […]

Q&A with PhD Student Stirling Sharpe

Meet Stirling Sharpe, a third-year PhD student at the University of Canberra. After completing his Bachelor of Sports Management in […]

Q&A with Field Hockey Umpire Nathan Cornish

In sport, we often consider the pressure that players and coaches are under. But rarely do we contemplate the pressure […]

Q&A with Betty Kitchener AM

Betty Kitchener was one of the original founders of the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) organisation that teaches community leaders […]

The Autumn Forage Festival 2018

If you love helping local businesses, and great-tasting food is your cup of tea, then you would have been sure […]

Q&A with Co-Creator of StickIt Body Glue

Wardrobe malfunctions… whether it’s a colleague telling you your shirt’s inside out, falling victim to a lazy zipper, or accidentally […]

Isle of Dogs – Movie Review

Stop motion films are something that everyone can enjoy, and the team at Indian Paintbrush and American Empirical Pictures have […]