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Part of Me Documentary Review

Part of Me is not only a world tour documentary; it is also a glimpse into singer Katy Perry’s life experiences and the story of her success. From the restrictions the artist faced as a child due to her religious upbringing to the years of ups and downs of being signed and dropped with record companies, the movie captures many moments of raw emotion and the very public breakdown of her marriage to British comedy actor, Russell Brand. The film also exposes the harsh realities of celebrity fame and ‘blows the lid’ on the supposed glitz and glamour.

220px-Katy_Perry_Part_of_MeOld and new footage blends together to produce the intriguing representation of Katy Perry’s life. Stage sets of giant lollipops and clouds, outfits resembling giant cakes and props of foam shooting guns and fireworks have been designed and conjured from Perry’s imagination and resemble a real life fairytale. One fan amongst a group of giggly, excited teenage girls explained the experience of being at her concert like “being shot with an arrow of Katy Perryness”.

Perry with a magnetic charisma and an ever-enduring sense of energy says her main goal is to make people smile through her music and give them a heart of hope and happiness. For the duration of the film my eyes were glued to the television, my foot tapped to the rhythm of the catchy songs, I laughed out loud and even shed a tear. Part of Me is a feel good film that inspires and shows that hard work and persistence does pay off.


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