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The Carrie Diaries

Before sex and before the city there was The Carrie Diaries. We have seen Carrie in her thirties and forties. This television series is Carrie Bradshaw’s coming of age story. Fans of the series will know that she dated a guy called Jeremy in high school, she had an abortion, but the other facts about what made one of our favourite television personalities the way she is are yet to be discovered.

Six seasons and two multi-million dollar movies later and is it any wonder that we have been given more of Carrie? We love her.

This story starts with a 16-year-old Carrie who lives in Connecticut about an hour away from the infamous New York City. Carrie is grieving the loss of her mother who died of cancer; she lives with her father and younger sister Dorritt.

Fans of the original series will be a little let down by details that does not match  what we already know about Carrie. The original back-story is that Carries’ father ‘quit’ her and her mum when she was five. Which given her experiences with men and her ‘trust issues’ seemed plausible. In the new series her father is a well off lawyer who is trying his best to look after her and her sister.

Does the inconsistency matter? If you are a diehard Sex in the City fan, it probably does. But if we can believe that a small town girl from Connecticut can have a reliable hard working father. Still become a sex-columnist in New York City who continually falls for the wrong men; then The Carrie Diaries can still be a fun light-hearted journey that fans of shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and One Tree Hill can enjoy.

This show isn’t entirely written and made for the audience of the original Sex in the City demographic, being aimed at a younger audience. Teen girls have grown up hearing about the original show, but haven’t connected with it in a way that the older generation did. This show could possibly bridge the generation gap and have a younger audience fall in love with Carrie for the first time.

I am a fan of the original series and have been watching the beginning of this season and find that I enjoy the humour and the story; not to mention the awesome 80s’ music. Yes, the discrepancies can be annoying but overall I find this show to be fun. I do however, miss the rest of the gang and anxiously wait for Carrie to meet her BFFs Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

People who did not like the original show may even find that they will enjoy this series. There is not much sex, compared to the original, and less crude language. People who did not like Sex and the City because of this may connect better with The Carrie Diaries.

My recommendation is whether you are a fan of the original or not, give it a go.

3/5 stars

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