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Top 5 Tips: Study Snacks

We’ve all had those late night study sessions, whether they’re with a group of friends at the back of the library or by yourself in your room at 4am.

We’ve all been on the verge of becoming a daylight zombie ready to eat our housemates when it comes to submitting assessments on time, and we all have our own rituals of overcoming the pain.

These are the top five study nibbles for university students.

1. Coffee: Some students drink dubious amounts of coffee to stay awake even if one eye begins to twitch at a constant rate and in weird intervals.

2. Chocolate: The wide range of chocolate makes this study snack one of the most dominant as there’s something for everyone. If you’re a frequent break taker; have a break and have a KitKat. If you enjoy making TimTam straws or dunking your Oreos in your hot chocolate that’s fine too.

3. Sliced vegies: You can’t go wrong with cucumbercarrots or celery. These snacks are quite refreshing and chewing keeps you alert.

4. Nuts: There have been some misconceptions about nuts which ones are good for your and which ones are bad. But how can you go wrong with bite size food in reach?

5. Fruits: Now with fruit it really depends what are in season. However any fruit that’s been chilled by sitting in the fridge for a bit is an amazing choice.


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