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10 Questions with Tom Cox

Tom Cox is classified as the quickest player the Canberra Brumbies have ever had on their books. Fans would have caught a glimpse of his speed during a couple of games in 2012 against the Force in Darwin and Wales at our Canberra Stadium. Cox is fairly new to the

game having played AFL throughout his teens but since receiving an injury at the end of his first season, we are anxious to see what he will do this season.

  1. Did you always know that you wanted to play professional football?

When I was little I wanted to play AFL professionally, I moved down to Brisbane for university and decided to play it down there and have a crack. But everyone I was friends with played rugby so after a few AFL training sessions I switched to Rugby and that’s where I have stayed.

  1. How fast can you run?

The longest distance we test for is 40m and my time over that is 4.58 seconds.

  1. What is your favourite position?

My favourite position is wing at the moment but I do also enjoy playing fullback.

  1. What is your average yard per game?

In games I aim for 10 touches. I’m happy with anything over 100m with ball in hand.

  1. Where do you sit amongst your peers in your tackle count?

Wingers make anywhere between 2-8 tackles per game. The fullback is the only player that makes less tackles.

  1. How did your pre-season go?

Preseason went pretty well. It was very long for us. We had a 6 week strength block before our annual leave, then 8 weeks of conditioning and rugby. Before 4 weeks of a rugby focus. It was very intense, I had a tear in my calf and that put me out for 4 weeks before Christmas.

  1. How much longer is your contract with the Brumbies and do you expect to re-sign?

I come off contract with the Brumbies at the end of the season and at this stage I’m not really thinking too much about what I’ll be doing next year. Just concentrating on this one at the moment.

  1. How much weight did you have to gain and how did you do it?

I’ve had to put on about 6kg, it’s taken me a long time to do it with all the running we have. But essentially it has been 4 gym sessions a week, and eating a lot of clean meals with good carbohydrates and protein each meal.

  1. What team are you currently playing for?

When you play for the Brumbies you play club rugby. Uni Norths is my club.

  1. Most of us have read about it, but is your humour really as golden as your tan?

I like to think so! But with the Canberra winter coming on I’m not holding much of a tan at the moment. But yeah, it’s all in a bit of fun. That story was written by Dan Palmer, one of the props who I get along well with.

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