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Brodburger Review

Since opening several years ago in an old red gypsy caravan in Bowen Parkby Lake Burley Griffin, Brodburger quickly developed a reputation as a excellent place to go for afterwork friday night takeout dinner. It also had a reputation as a place that took its time in preparing your burger. Tales of hour and half long waits were a common occurrence around Canberra, but as the burgers were apparently the best ever, these allegations were ignored as a insignificant detail.

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Several months ago, Brodburger found a permanent home off Wentworth Avenue, in the Kingston Bus Depot Markets Precinct, and it was here that I found myself, running inside to get out of the sudden summer rainstorm that hit just as I was exiting the Canberra Glassworks, situated next door. As it was around lunchtime, I decided that since I was inside, I may as well stop and get a burger.

I am happy to report that since the move, the quality of the burgers has definitely not changed, they are still excellent, and because of the more organised structure and larger kitchen indoors, the waiting time has reduced significantly. The move inside has also created a restaurant/cafe feel, and because the wait is comparable to a average night in a good restaurant, you find yourself not minding as much. One complaint often raised about the lengthy waits at the caravan was that people would freeze in the cold Canberra winter nights, and again, by moving inside, this problem has been solved.

I¬†ordered a classic Brodburger, which is a large ¬Ĺ pound beef patty, served with lettuce, tomatoes & Spanish onions and topped with homemade aioli, tomato relish and your choice of blue, brie, swiss or cheddar cheese(I got the unconventional but delicious blue cheese, which adds a pleasant sharp ness to the burger), a side of chips, which is $2.50 extra and a drink.This whole meal cost around $20, which when you consider the size of the burger, is quite good value. The waiting time for the burger was only around 20 minutes, and as we had a table to sit at, this wasn’t a significant inconvenience. The food is also brought to your table, which gives Brodburger the feel of a better class of restaurant than what it actually is.

One criticism I do have of Brodburger is the ordering system, which involves lining up in a rather cramped section of the restaurant and calling out your order to people behind glass. This could be done in a better way, but again, this is a relatively minor inconvenience.

When our burgers arrived, we knew that they were going to be big, but we weren’t quite prepared for how big they were. However, eating all of the big burgers is quite easy when you discover how good they are. The meat is moist and flavoursome, the salads fresh and crispy, the sauces are full of flavour, and the buns are soft and chewy. The presentation is simple, the burger arrives in a wicker basket, and a small piece of advice, although they are provided, get extra napkins, because no matter how neat an eater you think you are, I guarantee that you will get sauce all down your shirt.

Overall we left Brodburger feeling happy, full of burger and very content that we would not need to eat again for several hours. With the added bonus of its location right next to the fascinating Canberra Glassworks, going to Brodburger is a very good way to spend a Sunday in the nation’s capital. I highly recommend Brodburger as a Canberra eatery.

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