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On Field Animals

A marten, a weasel-like creature, was an unusual pitch invader during a Swiss football match earlier in the year.

The match between Thun and FC Zurich was interrupted early in the first half when the marten scurried onto the pitch.

After leaving the pitch the marten avoided efforts by officials to catch it and again made its way onto the pitch.

After weaving its way through a number of players the marten was caught by a Zurich player, Loris Benito. Benito received a

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bite to his finger for his efforts and the marten escaped from Benito before he could remove him from the field.

The marten’s raid ended when he was caught by Zurich keeper Davide Da Costa, and escorted from the ground by security.

The marten is the latest addition to a list of unusal pitch invaders at sporting events.

The marten joins the likes of a chicken that stopped play in a European Winners Cup match and managed to avoid the efforts of many diving players.

A famous Australian example is from 2007 when a Kangaroo on the track during the Bathurst 1000.

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