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The Hollowmen Review

The Hollowmen is an Australian comedy series based upon a fictional policy unit aimed at re-electing the Prime Minister. The show focuses on the Central Policy Unit, a part of the Prime Minister’s office; showing their efforts in creating the next big headline for the PM.

The Hollowmen

If you’re not interested in politics do not turn away. The jokes in the show are written so well and play on the stereotypes we all share of politicians and their advisers, only a small interest in and knowledge of our political system is needed to enjoy the show.

Created by the Working Dog Productions team, makers of hit movies The Castle and The Dish, the quality in writing and directing is clear to see. Also, as it is based in Canberra you get the added value of local jokes such as – “Where do you find the needy in Canberra? They are being brought in from Cooma.”

The main character is David ‘Murph’ Murphy (Lachy Hulme), Head of the Central Policy Unit and Senior Political Advisor to the PM. He works closely with his unit as well as Tony, the PM’s quirky Principal Private Secretary. Rob Stich, who also created and directed the series, plays Tony; he provides the greatest amount of humour to the show. Tony knows the headline he wants and isn’t

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afraid to suggest anything to get it.

Standing in their way though, are Phillip and Warren, the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet and the Departmental Deputy-Secretary, respectively.

The two love their work, and unlike Murph and Tony want to create really strong policies that will have a meaningful and lasting impact, instead of chasing the fancy headline.

From trying to create a last minute ‘centrepiece’ for the budget to attempting to make the military more appealing to the youth, the show is full of laughs.

The only problem with the series is that there are only 12 episodes. Each episode is as good as the last and when you have watched them all, your left saying, ‘Surely there’s more episodes!’

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