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Campus Price Comparison

Worried about the price of living on-campus at University? Wondering how your campus compares to the top 5 Australian Universities in Australia in terms of cost?

According to global rankings, the Top Five Australian Universities are the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, and the University of New South Wales.

Although on-campus accommodation prices do not directly reflect a Universities’ academic ranking, the University of Melbourne, considered Australia’s top University, does possess the highest cost of living, with rent ranging from $552 to $712 per month. However the prices include all utility fees and meals (where applicable) with internet cost covered for some of the options.

The next most expensive is the University of Sydney*. With the rent ranging from $256 – $449, this rent does not include the application fee, utilities or internet. Followed by University of NSW ($195-$520) then Australian National University at $181.90-$343 with University of Queensland the 4th ranked University in Australia being the cheapest at $180-$300.

The  University of Canberra fits into the scale at the bottom for the cheapest room possible but for the most expensive room the campus sits above University of Queensland and ANU.

Campus cost
Campus cost
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*Please note this does not include the extra one-off fees or utility fees. This order is looking at weekly rent fees only.


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