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Canberra Crime Rates

crime rate 1
Reported crimes committed in Canberra between January 1 2013 – March 31 2013.

The latest crime statistics released by the ACT Police show that the ACT community is becoming a safer place to live, with a gradual reduction in overall reported crimes since 2009.

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In 2009 over 60,000 incidents were reported to police compared to 2012 with only 48, 828. The latest statistics released for the first quarter of this year, shown in the graph below, reveal that North Canberra experiences the highest rates of crime, with 2722 crimes reported which was closely followed by Belconnen. Weston Creek was revealed to be the safest region with only 470 crimes committed.

crime rate 2
Reported crimes committed in Canberra between January 1 2009 – March 31 2009.

If the results are compared to the same time period in 2009 the graph below shows that the rate of burglaries has declined by 45% since 2009 and traffic infringement notices have also declined by 73%. According to the data, Woden and South Canberra have experienced a 28% reduction in crime for the first quarter of the year since 2009.
ACT Police release crime statistics every quarter to illustrate offences reported across Canberra suburbs. This provides ACT residents with the opportunity to better understand crime rates within their area. If you wish to know more about reported crimes in your area, visit the ACT Police website.

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