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Danny Bhoy Live at Festival Theatre DVD Review

Danny Bhoy, Live at Festival Theatre is one of those rare comedy DVD’s that you can watch over and over again.

You’ll become that annoying person that sits your friends down to watch it, only to irritatingly nudge them in the ribs again and again whispering “this is a funny bit”.

Danny Bhoy, Live at Festival Theatre is the Scottish-recently-turned-Australian citizen’s fourth DVD, and like its predecessors is full of hearty laughs and some very quotable lines.

The performance shot in his “hometown” Edinburgh covers a range of topics from Scottish soccer, to sexting, gay Vikings and an encounter with Matt Damon.

Danny Bhoy is a master of anecdotes, his story about French class strikes true with anyone who has ever been forced to study a language in school and if you have ever been to a pub, you will giggle at his observations on drunk women.

The show has no real theme, but this does not hinder its presentation.  Bhoy moves seamlessly between jokes, often going in multiple directions (or tangents) only to bring you back to the original story before you have even noticed.

His performance is energetic and a large part of his appeal lies within the physical comedy. His face is expressive and his performance of a Scottish ceilidh is not only hilarious but very impressive.

As a performer he has confidence, warmth and impeccable timing, jokes are stretched out just long enough.

He has a sharp wit which allows him to interact and heckle his audience. He makes a very amusing joke about an audience member who is seated in the theatre box who looks a bit like Prince William.

It is not controversial, confronting or cheap humour, instead it is laid-back but rather intelligent. It’s an easy way to spend an hour and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Whether you have never heard of Danny Bhoy or you’re a huge fan, this performance will not disappoint you.

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