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Regular John at the Refectory Review

A sound that’s somewhere between Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, The Chemical Brothers and The Cure is thumping across the concourse. That sound is the progressive, blurry, powerful hum of Regular John, opening for Birds of Tokyo. It’s a Tuesday night, the crowd is packed tight, over 1400 people. For Regular John, it’s another enjoyable night on the job.

The Sydney-based band played a killer set, blasting through staples such as “Sky Burial” before turning it down a notch, shushing the dancefloor and making sure everyone is chilling out to the deep cut of “Slume“.

After the show, bassist Caleb Goman reflects on the lifestyle of Regular John.


“It’s pretty great really, we’ve just been on a national tour, but once we pack up here it’ll be back to Sydney, I’ve got work tomorrow.”

Goman works for Foxtel, writing and editing the synopses that go on channel guides. Prior to that, he was a music writer for nineMSN.

“I’ll be pretty tired tomorrow, but to come to Canberra on a Tuesday night and play for over 1000 people makes it so worthwhile.”

Singer and guitarist Ryan Adamson echoed his bandmates thoughts.

“It’s insulting to the crowd to think that playing for one person isn’t enough.”

“We all came from regional areas and we owe it to places like Canberra and Newcastle and Tamworth to come and put on a show.

“We’ll definitely be back here at some point, that’s for certain.”

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