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Review -Michael Jackson: History II

Kenny Wizz’s Michael Jackson: History II is a musical biography that is as close as we are going to get to the king of pop himself. Kenny Wizz is one of the world’s leading Michael Jackson impersonators.

Mj after show
Michael Jackson impersonator Kenny Wizz

As a Michael Jackson fan, my expectations were low as it’s unimaginable that any Vegas attraction would measure up to the ‘Thriller’ himself. On his last year of touring 50-year-old Wizz proved he still had it. The tribute showcased a range of MJ renditions, kicking off with the Jackson 5 era tunes and taking the audience on a wild ride through to his later hits. It was clear that Wizz had dedicated his life to playing Michael Jackson, as he replicated him so completely and intricately.

The best part of the night was at the end of the show where the audience was given an opportunity to meet Wizz. Up close and personal he was even more convincing. He had a shy persona and was soft spoken – his make-up and costume done with such aplomb that it could have fooled the Jackson family themselves.

The production style however, left a little to be desired. While the costumes and performers were impressive, the overall production relied heavily on the screen in the background to set the scene. There was a live band of four members and around seven back-up dancers, however there was poor sound flow in the theatre. The venue was the main let down – the room that the show was held in was relatively small compared to other rooms at the Canberra theatre. This contributed to the poor seating arrangement that did not allow for the audience to interact with the performance and dance, despite Wizz’s attempts to encourage the crowds involvement.

MJ fan
Never too young to be a fan of The King

Overall, although Wizz’s voice could never compare to the King of Pop, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was evident Michael Jackson’s timeless hits appealed to all ages, with kids as young as four dressed in MJ attire and singing along with Wizz. I would recommend this to all true Michael Jackson fans.

Wizz finds the perfect balance between taking on the role of Michael Jackson while openly admiring him. Through the eyes of the audience he is Michael Jackson, but through his own eyes he is a tribute to the man he has the utmost respect for. He proved this by connecting with the audience on an emotional level, at one time shedding tears for the man he believes left us too soon.



Text by Talia Liolios

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