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Top 5 Surprising Beauty Tips

Everyday household objects can be used in surprising ways to enhance your beauty routine? Here are top five ways to creatively use everyday objects  items work a treat and, better yet, you probably already have them lying around in the house!

  1. Honey: If your skin is blotchy and dry apply one to three tablespoons of honey to your face even out your skin tone and leave your skin feeling moisturised and to kill blemish-causing bacteria. Ensure the honey is pure and does not have preservatives.
  2. A tablespoon: Instead of splurging on expensive eyelash curlers use a tablespoon to achieve long, curled, lustrous lashes. Simply place the spoon on your lash line, press your fingers on your lashes at the end of the spoon, rotate and pull the spoon upwards and then apply your mascara.
  3. Cooking spray: Rather than using quick dry oil or paint on your nails spray your nails with cooking spray after applying two coats of your desired nail polish. Be sure the spray is not flavoured unless you want smelly cuticles.
  4. Clear sticky tape: Remove dry skin from your lips by pressing sticky tape over the problem areas. Sounds painful but it works a treat and if lip balm is applied straight after it works even better.
  5. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline): If your favourite stilettos are killing your feet and leaving painful blisters after a night out try coating the problem spots with Vaseline before putting your shoes on. Also you can create perfect nails by applying Vaseline around your nails before applying nail polish. By doing this you can paint your nails as badly as a 3 year old and be able to wipe away the nail polish, which smudged onto your fingers.

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