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The Best Cartoon You’ve Never Heard Of.

Rick and Morty is an animated Sci-fi comedy series that follows the adventures of a crazy scientist and his sometimes-unwilling grandson who attempt to balance family life and intergalactic space travel. The show initially comes across as an interesting parody of the Back To The Future movies and the relationship between Rick and Morty is reminiscent of the relationship between Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly.

The cartoon began life as a short film made for the Channel 101 Monthly Film Festival in Los Angeles. After a pilot episode was showed at the festival, the co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon were approached by Adult Swim and series one of Rick and Morty was created.

As the series progressed, the two explorers begun to parody many tropes of the Sci-fi genre. Rick and Morty travel to parallel universes, explore time travel and parody movies such as Jurrassic Park. The show does an excellent job of making the viewer aware of some of the ridiculous themes that we are exposed to when watching science fiction and challenging trends that appear in the genre.

In one episode the pair find a new parallel universe to live in after one of Rick’s experiments goes horribly wrong which leads to everyone in their universe of origin turning into disgusting monsters. In order to live in this new universe Rick has to kill the existing Rick and Morty that were living there.

This cartoon is a breath of fresh air in the over saturated comedic cartoon market. Most comedy cartoon shows, such as Family Guy and American Dad are full of cheap jokes that play on crude humour and shock factor. Rick and Morty delivers well thought out punch lines and cleverly constructed situations that induce fits of laughter.

Although the first season of this show was thoroughly enjoyable, the storyline for each episode starts to become quite repetitive. Rick will convince Morty to go on another adventure, they will get themselves into some trouble and Rick saves the day with a gadget that he has created.

This doesn’t hurt the show however, as the comedy is still just as unique in every episode.

Season one of Rick and Morty has been seen as a success as the show has gained quite a following. Adult Swim has asked for a second season and this will go to air in 2015.

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