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The Roast of Justin Bieber in review

Image credit: Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s keenly anticipated Roast of Justin Bieber had many non-‘Beliebers’ relishing the thought of seeing the celebrity be subject to the wrath of some of the funniest people in entertainment.

In light of his juvenile antics in recent times, it is easy to see why so many approved of the Roast’s latest subject. While Bieber certainly has himself a massive fan base

His recent misdemeanours, as listed by the man himself on the show, include “driving recklessly getting arrested smoking weed abandoning monkeys and publicly urinating”.

As Kevin Hart hilariously put it at the start of the show, Bieber has enjoyed “huge success that confuses those above the age of 14”. Indeed, this is certainly a somewhat accurate description of the troublemaking celebrity’s fame.

Admittedly however, the Roast did not necessarily line up with what I and likely many other non-‘Beliebers’ who had never seen a Roast before had anticipated.

Coming into the show I expected Bieber to be the sole focus of all of the insults dished out by the panellists on hand. This to my surprise was not the case; the panel of Roasters all had plenty to say about each other as well as the Roastee.

The jokes, often bordering on the line between being in taste and insensitive, consistently had the live audience and no doubt viewers at home in stitches.

A notable omission from the televised version of the Roast was jokes regarding the late Paul Walker which panel member Ludacris has publicly condemned.

Not left out, however, were jokes made about terrorist group ISIS and panel member Pete Davidson’s father’s death while fulfilling his duties as a firefighter responding to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Bieber was hammered throughout, most commonly for his fan base, relationship with Selena Gomez, and his haircut.

Roast master Kevin Hart was particularly entertaining throughout and was on the receiving end of plenty of jibes himself. The best segment of the night perhaps belonged to Hart, with his spiel on Bieber’s so-called attempts to be “gangster”.

The Roast also featured a surprise guest in Will Ferrell who took the stage as ‘Ron Burgundy’, the main character of his film ‘The Anchorman’, much to the delight of the audience and Twitter commentators.

Bieber did have a chance to defend himself, speaking at the conclusion of the panellist’s segments and delivering some insults of his own.

In his final speech, Bieber acknowledged that his actions in the last few years had earned him few admirers.

“It is how you rise from a fall that truly defines you as a man. I’m looking forward to that challenge” he said.

Bieber certainly earned back some of the respect he may have lost in the past few years not only with his words but by appearing on the Roast in the first place.

Overall the show did not disappoint, delivering a solid hour-and-a-half of hysterical politically incorrect banter.

Those who came to see Bieber get Roasted certainly got what they came for, but perhaps left with a newfound respect for him – and full credit to him if he has indeed done so.

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