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Frankenstein – Book Review


Frankenstein was published in 1818 and written my Mary Shelley. To this day it is one of the most famous pieces of literature to date. Frankenstein has spawned a countless number of adaptions that take on an almost completely different premise compared to the novel.

There is often confusion regarding who Frankenstein is – people refer to the monster as Frankenstein although the monster is not given a name in the novel. The real Frankenstein that the title of the novel refers to is the scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

The novel has three volumes. Frankenstein gives an interesting insight into the life of Victor Frankenstein and his monster. Readers are exposed to how Frankenstein’s monster became evil. Victor abandons his monster resulting in the monster being alone most of its life. You read from the monster’s perspective how it was trying to belong in society despite being seen as an outcast because of it’s hideous looks. Unlike in the films the monster learns to talk and tells Victor his life story of constantly trying to hide from the public.

Victor pushes the boundaries of science by trying to play god; he had an obsession that all of his university colleagues thought was absurd and he turned that into creating life.

He suffers the consequences for his actions as people have died at the hands of his creation. What the film adaptions do not always capture is the fact that Victor is the real monster. The original novel certainly captures this and is a valuable read for both fans of the film adaptions and the horror genre.

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