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San Cisco – Gracetown

1501_San_Cisco_Gracetown_Artwork_DIGITAL_V2_largeGracetown, the second studio album from the Australian indie pop act San Cisco. Debuting at number two on the ARIA Charts, it shows that the act is still relevant to the Australian music scene. It is also long awaited by fans, as San Cisco last released new music almost three years ago.

In contrast to the rougher, less-produced sound established by their previous hits, such as AwkwardGracetown stands out on its own. It is just as effervescent as their past work, but with a healthy dose of polish to it. Some fans may balk at the idea of San Cisco distancing themselves from their indie sound, but the effort put in to this album makes it a significantly better offering than anything they had made before.

Thematically, Gracetown is yet another album that considers coming of age, and the struggles of young adult love. It doesn’t strike upon anything fantastically different in its journey, but it flows nicely and engages the listener enough to make them come along for the ride.

The vocal talents of the act, Jordi Davieson and Scarlett Stevens, are pleasing to listen to, but their performances don’t truly differ between songs. It leaves you feeling as if they aren’t telling a story through their work, but desperately trying to make an album that sounds appealing in spite of its substance.

In the end, Gracetown is a thoroughly enjoyable album that, while lacking depth, fulfils its intended role as an indie pop offering. It sucks you in with catchy hooks and spits you out half an hour later in better spirits than when you entered.

In particular, the single RUN, and the song Snow, exemplify this album’s airiness with just the right amount of melancholic musing.

This album is worth a listen to most people, and local fans can catch San Cisco live at this year’s Groovin’ The Moo festival.


By Leo Sloan

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