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Batman vs Superman Review

Black vs. Blue. #BatmanvSuperman

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Batman vs Superman is doing amazingly in the box office, having already grossed over $700 million dollars in ticket sales. But while it’s making a tidy profit, the film is being panned mercilessly by critics with only a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If the film is making so much money, why do the critics hate it so much?

The Batman we all knew before this movie was a dark, mysterious, serious figure but he always had a strict code: no murder and no guns. The BvS Batman breaks that code with zero reservations and I believe that is one thing many people are unhappy with. If Batman murders dozens of people in the movie, why not kill Lex Luthor as well?

Speaking of Lex Luthor, Jessie Eisenberg’s take on the villain was awful. Instead of a strong, super intelligent mastermind, what we saw was a weird, psychotic, tiny man who came across as being something between the Joker and Hannibal Lector.

The DC cinema universe is trying to accomplish too much with this film. Marvel made several standalone films about its characters before working its way up to a joint film in The Avengers, while Batman V Superman encompasses far too many elements.

Length is another issue. The movie is just over two and a half hours, and could be cut down by taking out many unnecessary plot lines and scenes. Not only does the movie include the two title superheroes, it also introduces Wonder Woman to the film and features cameos from Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, while also seeming to set up a future Justice League film.

All up, Batman vs Superman is an interesting take on the iconic superheroes. But it goes for too long, tries too much and offends a lot of its fan base by changing the superheroes we have grown up with.

By Chester Ward

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