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Genesis Owusu’s Guide to Groovin The Moo

Canberra-based rapper Genesis Owusu will be making his debut at Groovin’ The Moo when the festival heads to the the nation’s capital this Sunday. I sat down with the rapper, who is currently working on his first solo EP, to see how he feels leading up to GTM.

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Q. What’s it like knowing you’re playing at GTM alongside widely known international acts like Danny Brown and Twenty One Pilots?

A. Its wild man, to be honest I knew I was going to have a destination or spot in the music industry, I just didn’t know how long it would take really, that was the main question. So to see things start to pick up like this is crazy. So keen.

Q. How did you find out you’d be playing this year, and how did you react?

A. I think I was asleep and my soon-to-be manager called me and was like “Yo, I got you a spot at GTM.” I was still half asleep. You know when you’re asleep and someone wakes you up and you kinda just do whatever to get them away, I was just like “yeah, yeah, yeah that’s cool.” And then no one said anything for like five seconds because I guess he was expecting me to be more hype, but then it just clicked, I was like “woah, hold up!” and woke straight up.

Q. Where do you think GTM ranks amongst other music festivals in Australia?

A. I think its pretty cool since it the only festival to come to Canberra. I have mad Canberra love, anything to do with Canberra, I’m there to support, so I’m glad there’s a festival like this. That automatically makes it number one for me.

Q. Will you be sticking around after your set to watch other acts?

A. For sure, for sure.

Q. And who’s your must see act this year?

A. Danny Brown definitely.

Q. Lastly, what are your top three tips for newbies attending Groovin’?

A. Don’t be shy to wile out, I know a lot of people get embarrassed to dance and have fun because they’re scared of being judged, don’t be scared especially in my set, just wile out.

Don’t take pills from strangers.

And, dress like yourself. Don’t try and dress like a hippy just because youre going to a festival. It’s not that cool.

You can catch Genesis Owusu at Groovin the Moo in the Moolin Rouge at 11.05am.

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