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Top Three Places to Play Pool in Canberra

Looking for a good place to play pool this weekend? We’ve done the leg work for you by visiting venues all around Canberra, and have come up with this concise list.

Transit Bar. Photo by Todd Herzman

3. Transit Bar

Transit bar makes the list because of the atmosphere, and not because of the tables.

The tables are well taken care of, though unusual in Australia. They are bar sized, but they have American nine-ball pockets and fast cloth.

Transit makes the list because of its weekly pool competitions. Starting at 7pm every Thursday, the competition costs $5 and is welcome to all. Depending on number of entrants, first prize has been between $90 and $170.

If you plan to play here, bring your own cue, as the house cues are in poor condition.


Civic Pub. Photo by Todd Herzman

2. Civic Pub

Civic pubs tables are numerous, and most are in good working condition.

The pub devotes two rooms to its tables. One, the green room, is always open. While the other, the red room, opens later in the evenings.

The red room is the place to play, as the tables are unhindered by close walls, leaving plenty of space for clearance. It’s usually easy to find a table even on a busy night—and if you can’t find one, most people will welcome a challenge for it.

The cues here are in far better condition. While there are some broken ones, there seem to be at least four cues per table, so finding a good one isn’t hard.


The Tradies, Dickson. Photo by Todd Herzman

1. The Tradies Dickson

The Tradies hits number one for several reasons.

First, the tables are half the price, charging $1 for games instead of $2.

The condition of the tables is excellent—while there are only two, they’re well taken care of. And unlike Civic Pub, the regulars here know their way around a cue, with most of them bringing their own.

But, unlike Transit Bar, you don’t need to bring your own cue here—the house cues are in surprisingly good condition, considering how few there are.

The atmosphere is quieter, making it easier to concentrate on your shot not having to worry about loud music and people crowding around your table.

The drinks are cheaper, too.

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