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5 Most Instagramable Acai/Smoothie Bowls in Canberra

Acai/smoothie bowls have taken over the Instagram feeds of fitness gurus and foodies since 2016. The healthy pick-me-up originated in Brazil and has since become a food trend globally due to their elaborately designed toppings.

Here are some acai/smoothie bowls to check out in Canberra:

The Acai Bowl, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur
  1. Sweet Bones Cafe – Braddon

Presentation: Easily the prettiest acai bowl in Canberra. Each component is beautifully presented over the Brazillian acai smoothie. It’s a great burst of colour to any Instagram feed.

Value for money: $16 per serving. The smoothie is filled to the brim and is packed with six different toppings. Each slice and spoonful of smoothie is worth every cent.

Taste: The Acai Bowl is water-based but incorporates a lot of fruit, giving a dense sweet flavour.


The Acai Bowl, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur
  1. Nutrition Station – Braddon

Presentation: The toppings are placed in neat rows showcasing a rainbow of fruit. This makes for an extremely colourful dish for a perfect flatlay.

Value for money: $12.95 per serving. Nutrition Station offers the smallest portioned smoothies as they are served in extremely shallow bowls.

Taste: The Acai Bowl is water-based but includes enough fruit so that the flavours remain fresh and sweet. The Nutter Bowl tastes like a jar of peanut butter, it completely overpowers the fruit.


The Acai Bowl, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur
  1. Milk Crate – Acton

Presentation: The toppings are not arranged neatly making it look messy. Interestingly, it is served on a wooden board shaped as a butcher’s knife, making it still Instagram-worthy.

Value for money: $8.50 for a small, $14 for a regular. It offers less toppings and the regular bowl is approximately the same size as the ones at Sweet Bones. It is good value for money.

Taste: The Acai Bowl is water-based but does not lack in sweetness. The smoothie is cool and fruity, but the fig in the muesli is  unchewable.


Smooth Criminal, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur
  1. Little Oink – Cook

Presentation: The berry smoothie and toppings bring out pretty pastel colours. The toppings are an organised mess with randomly placed strawberries, but the edible flowers bring out a pop of brightness to the bowl.

Value for money: $16 per serving. The bowl is extremely wide but shallow, the portions are not as generous as Sweet Bones Café despite them being the same price.

Taste: The smoothie has a thin consistency and does not have much flavour. The muesli and fruit were added for sweetness but ended up being quite sour.


The Crunch Bowl & The ‘O’ Bowl, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur
  1. 80/20 – Braddon

Presentation: These bowls are simple with the sliced fruit creating a flower-like design. The coconut flakes cover the other toppings, lacking sophistication.

Value for money: $16 per serving. The bowls are deep but are smaller compared to the Sweet Bones Café bowls.

Taste: The ‘O’ Bowl is watery but still tastes refreshing with the seasonal fruit toppings. The Crunch Bowl has a great balanced taste of peanut butter and fruit. Where it lacks in presentation, it gains in taste.

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