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Kingswood Relaxing with you After Hours

When Melbourne band Kingswood sprung out of obscurity onto the Australian music scene in 2013, their success was built on a sound that was as loud and brash as could be.

After first EP Change of Heart, and debut album Microscopic Wars, both captured the sound of modern rock in Australia, second album After Hours, Close to Dawn has taken the band in a different direction.

If Microscopic Wars was meant to be played by the listener to get the house party pumping, then After Hours, Close to Dawn has been written to capture the chilled vibe of the same party in the early hours of the next morning.

The first single of the album “Creepin’” is definitely a highlight, expressing the feelings we’ve all had of being kept awake late at night by that special person in our life.

While most bands have a difficult second album, Kingswood have managed to navigate those waters ably, not getting snagged in the process. It’s different, but there’s enough glimpses of the past too.

The evolution in style for Kingswood may be attributed to the success of other Australian indie bands implementing a withdrawn production style in their music. The absence of a driving bass-line across After Hours, Close To Down is undoubtedly due to the resignation of bass guitarist Jeremy ‘Mango’ Hunter from the band.

However, in saying that Kingwood’s style has changed doesn’t mean that it has got any worse. Lead singer Fergus Linacre approaches the lyrics of the album with a deft touch, far from the primal scream that appeared in Kingswood’s early work.

While the band has had a mixed reaction to the latest album, they will be touring across Australia through March and April, have stopped in Canberra at the ANU Bar on April 1.

If you enjoyed Microscopic Wars and are expecting the same from this album, then lower your expectations. However, if you’re ready to take in some late-night chilled-rock and support the local music scene, After Hours, Close to Dawn is for you.


Writer’s Rating – 3.5/5


Words and Featured Image by Tom Storey

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