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Six YouTube Series to Procrastinate with

It’s getting near exam time here at UC, and that means it’s also procrastination time. When I procrastinate, I go straight to YouTube – so here’s a list of my favourite procrastination series to watch so you don’t have to waste time finding something to waste time on.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Following Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, self-claimed ‘world’s worst detectives’, as they investigate unsolved mysteries across America. From the supernatural to the murderous to the plain inscrutable, Buzzfeed Unsolved covers famous stories and the theories surrounding them.


Monster Factory

Join two brothers Griffin and Justin McElroy as they destroy character creators (#nomiddlesliders) and take their horrifying creations to attempt to break the games they’re within. Honest, side-splitting humour and cheeky use of cheats and mods, Monster Factory is one of my absolute favourites on YouTube to watch alone, or with friends.



I stumbled across TheNamelessDoll late at night while avoiding an essay, and have never turned back. A digital compositor and film student from Sweden, TheNamelessDoll is the best film editor I’ve ever seen, taking Disney and other animated movie characters and editing them together along to music to ridiculously well put-together scenarios. While they’re weird as hell, my favourite drunk thing to do is force people to watch these with me.




Who doesn’t love watching things pulled to shreds by overly critical people? CinemaSins takes movies you love and those you don’t, and points out inconsistencies, clichés, and horrible writing as they tally up the mistakes in every genre. Great to have on the background if you don’t watch anything you actually like (you’ll never not forget the mistakes, trust me).


Eleven Little Roosters

Co-written and -directed by Josh Flanagan and Blaine Gibson, follow an alliance of stereotypical spy agencies infiltrated by a mole, as they slowly kill each other off through increasingly ridiculous scenarios in this mini-series. With hidden clues, short episode lengths, tongue-in-cheek jokes and flat-out dick jokes, Eleven Little Roosters is a great watch when you want to pretend you’re going to get back to that thousand-word essay looming over your shoulder.


Illustration Speedpaints – JacquelinDeleon

Speedpaints, animations and illustrations are the overall best way to waste time while seated in awe at the skills people have developed. You can Google your favourite television series, or you can look at original works – my personal favourite artist to watch is Jaquelin Deleon, a freelance illustrator and comic book artist.


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