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Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

Pets are one of the greatest things you can have in your life as an adult. After moving out of home and learning to care for yourself you might be ready to take care of a furry friend as well. Proven to improve mental health and overall quality of life, pets are an exceptional addition to any home.

With Easter coming up, rabbits are often gifted as pets to young children and families. Unfortunately, people forget pets are living breathing creatures that come with responsibilities. 59% of those entering shelters after Easter are given up after less than a year of ownership, according to a survey by Make Mine Chocolate Rabbit Rescue. There are a few things you should be considering before you take that cute fluff-monster home from the RSPCA.

You can’t just put your bunny in the backyard and forget about him – he’s an animal that needs love and affection.
  1. Is your home built for animals?

Before you take home that beautiful puppy you need to consider the physical space you have available for it. For an apartment with no garden, it might be better to consider a pet like a lizard or fish, which doesn’t need huge outside space to run around. domestic cats should be kept indoors either by law or just to protect native wildlife, so if you don’t have a space that would be alright for a cat to live permanently, don’t adopt one.

  1. Can you afford a pet?

Pets are expensive. From food, to toys, to insurance, to the replacement of items that might be destroyed or damaged by them, they are a huge burden on your wallet. They also need regular vet check-ups and it can be ridiculously expensive to treat anything should something go wrong. RSPCA NSW expects you to spend a minimum of $2,350 on your dog in its first year with you and an ongoing $910 minimum each year. If you aren’t willing or able to spend that much, do not adopt.

Canine Adopt A Pet Dog Pet Stray Furry Mutt
A pet is a forever friend that relies on you for everything – can you handle that responsibility?
  1. Do you have time to care for a pet properly?

University is time-consuming, and if you have employment on top of that it doesn’t leave much time in a day. Pets need attention; from just spending time with them so they’re not lonely; playing with them for enrichment; grooming and looking after their coats or skin; feeding; exercising them; and taking them to the vets for check-ups. You can’t go out and crash at a friend’s place and forget about your pet, because that pet is relying on you to feed and care for it. Pets are time-consuming and you must be willing and able to sacrifice that time taking care of them.

  1. Are you allowed to have a pet?

Lastly, are you allowed to have a pet? Not only do you need to check with your landlord or family that your lease allows pets, but you need to be sure your roommates – current or future – are okay with you having a pet. Does Susan have a deathly fear of snakes, or Liam severe cat allergies? These are all things you need to consider before adopting.


Overall, while having a pet in your life is a big blessing, it’s also a big responsibility. Make sure you consider everything before you make the decision to bring a dependent into your life.



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