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Nitro Circus: Regional Rampage

Day had turned to night and the show was over. Charismatic host Micah was wrapping up and he told the audience to “smile once in a while”. They certainly had.

Nitro 1
The setup at Nowra Showground. Photo credit: Dean Austin.

Nitro Circus’s Regional Rampage Tour was two and a half hours of jam packed madness. Awesome from the outset, the crowd at Nowra Showground were treated to crazy stunts performed by local and international talent.

The show kicked off with the adrenaline fuelled entertainers taking to the massive ramp affectionately known as “Giganta”. Towering at over 16 metres, the team risked their lives, taking to the big ramp with anything imaginable.

After performing tricks on bikes, scooters and snowboards the team then turned to a contraptions challenge. Riders flew down Giganta in an esky, kayak and even on a modified rocking horse, jumping them over a massive gap.

A major highlight of the night was paraplegic Bruce Cook taking to the motocross ramp. Bruce landed incorrectly attempting a double front flip on a motorbike back in 2014. Bruce encouraged kids to chase their dreams before being strapped into a custom made motorbike with a ten-cent cable tie. He went on to land a backflip as the crowd cheered him on.

Bruce Cook in mid back-flip. Photo credit: Dean Austin.

Audience participation then ramped up as hosts Catfish and Micah got the crowd to put their hands in their air and “blow the bloody whistle!”. In unison, the crowd pulled their hands down recreating the action of a train driver blowing his whistle. The train was started and the madness continued. Both BMX and FMX bikes took to the air at the same time as the riders showed off their skills.

The show came to its climax when local talent Harry Binks went on to perform the most incredible stunt of the night. His engine roared as he took his bike to the ramp and performed a double back flip. The crowd went crazy as the local boy became the seventh rider and youngest rider ever to pull the stunt off.

Last night in Nowra, @harrybink landed one of the most dangerous tricks in action sports: The FMX Double Backflip! Massive congrats to Harry for joining the elite double backflip club and for becoming the youngest rider ever to do so! #NitroCircus

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Overall this was as good as it gets. Nitro Circus Live was an action packed show that had you on the edge of seat for the two and a half hours. The Nitro Circus team definitely knows how to keep their fans entertained and it’s no wonder how successful the show has been across the globe.

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