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Book Review: Speaking Out, by Tara Moss

Image Credit: Robyn Skea

Published by HarperCollins Publishers in Australia, 2017.

This non-fiction book by Australian/Canadian author, journalist and public speaker, Tara Moss, is “a 21st Century handbook for women and girls” on how to speak out. Aimed at all women and girls, I found that as a university-aged young woman, I particularly benefited from the wisdom of an established, experienced and inspiring lady.

Moss’ handbook gives step-by-step guidance on how to speak out as a woman or girl in a (21st century) world where women’s voices are often not heard, taken seriously, or ignored (even belittled). Moss gives helpful details, tips and hints on how to speak out in public professionally, including online, as a journalist, advocate or just someone with a voice to share and wants to be heard. There are many aspects to speaking out, especially on serious or potentially triggering or sensitive subjects for women but Moss handles the topic smoothly and also includes a self-care section.

She has included many well-written personal touches in the handbook and has clearly done her research, with many sources to back up her work and advice to women.

I really enjoyed the book and found it easy to read. I think it is an important handbook and would recommend it to any woman or girl, especially of university age, where women are beginning to bring their opinions and views to the world and need to be heard when they speak out.

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