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Press Club Album Review – Late Teens

Melbourne rockers, Press Club have really planted themselves onto the Australian music scene with their hard hitting debut album. Late Teens is a gutsy LP that will have you wishing you heard of this band sooner.

The album opens with Crash, filling your ears with a rhythmic guitar solo and notably Australian rock sound. This opening song will make you fall in love with lead singer Natalie Foster’s unapologetic voice as she chants “I can get a little bit hard to take”. The balance of her vocals mixed with the powerful guitar riffs leaves you excited for where the album will take you.

Next up is Headwreck. This is their debut single that caught the ears of many Triple J listeners. It leads with “I got confused when I saw the bruises on your neck”. What many may call a relationship song that bleeds strength, persistence and power. “Don’t be that guy” yells Natalie throughout it reminding us of who the hell she is.

Suburbia is the latest song released from the album. Its slower pace gives a glimpse of the depth of Natalie’s vocals while also exploring the intensity of the instrumentals. It is both lyrically and musically powerful, and is one song off the album that will really leave a mark on you.

“I left my heart in the suburbs”

My Body’s Changing and Golden State are tracks that remind you of their distinct raw sound. These are songs that take you on an energy filled ride that can only be explained as a natural awakening.

The album offers a rare moment of peace with Side B serving up a 1:41 long purely instrumental piece that is nothing alike any of their other tracks. After a strong display of rock, this track can be appreciated for what is: sweet sounds of goodness.

The title track, Late Teens is the second last song of the LP that packs in everything this album is about. It is raw, it is sweet, it is Press Club. The band keeps you entertained all the way up to the final track, Stay Low which does not disappoint. Finishing with their distinct rock sound that pulled you in from track one.

Late Teens is an exploration of heartache, growing up and identity. Natalie captures you with her frantic manner that is strangely blissful and unique. For a completely independent album, this is one to be congratulated and played on repeat. It is albums like these that will not be forgotten for a long time. A true triumph for Australian rock music.

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