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Why you should care about South Australia

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South Australia’s recent state election saw the Liberal government win after 16 years of a Labor government. That’s great SA, but let’s be real (with the exemption of Tasmania) you’re the forgotten state, so why should we care what’s going on there?

Well after a quick research on this southern state, here are few reasons as to why you should all care about SA.

1. It has wine:

Does anything else need to be said? If SA can do one thing well, that’s wine. Being home to the Barossa Region and Clare Valley this state is the go to for all you wine lovers, or for all you alcoholics.

2. Radelaide: 

South Australia’s capital city is Adelaide, dubbed by the locals as ‘Radelaide’. The market life is vibrant and busy with many different ones to choose from including the Adelaide Central Market and Adelaide Night Market. There’s plenty to do here from hot air balloon rides to sea dives. There’s no mistaking the small city for Melbourne or Sydney, but it’s its quaintness that makes it special.

3. The longest game of golf:

The Nullarbor is the longest, flattest and straightest piece of road in Australia and a big chunk of it is located in SA. Along the highway is a golf course spanning 1365 kilometres and two time zones. While the world’s longest game of golf is not located solely in SA, it does start there in Ceduna and then ends in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

If your curious to explore the undervalued state of South Australia, you can find more information on their SA tourism site.

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