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Iron Fist TV Series Review

Iron Fist is one of the TV series recently produced as part of Marvel’s ever expanding universe. Released in 2017 as part of its agreement with Netflix, Iron Fist stars Finn Jones as a returned-from-the-dead billionaire and martial arts expert Danny Rand, the Iron Fist.

Danny returns to New York City after 15 years, seeks to regain control of his father’s company and reconnect with his former family friends, the Meechams, who now run it.

The main reason for watching it was for greater context before Marvel’s release of 2017’s The Defenders series. There, Danny teams up with other supposedly more relatable heroes than Iron Man, Hulk & Co, joining Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones in a smaller scale Avengers adventure.

It wasn’t really worth it though. The main reason, amongst a few more, why it was such a turgid watch was that none of the main characters were relatable or even likeable. Danny had been out of mainstream society for a long time and so it is hard to know whether the writers were deliberately trying to give him a childlike naivety and misplaced sense of justice or whether they were trying to make him annoying. Either way, the result is the most frustrating lead character of any show I’ve watched.

Unfortunately, the other main characters fail to provide relief, with each of them being narcissistic, vengeful and violent to a fault. In between characters that you don’t care about, too often is there too much focus on the details of stock market and business dealings.

The only way this show would be bearable is if you watched it wearing a blindfold and earplugs so you could neither see the inadequate action or hear the inept script.

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