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Q&A with Co-Creator of StickIt Body Glue

Wardrobe malfunctions… whether it’s a colleague telling you your shirt’s inside out, falling victim to a lazy zipper, or accidentally showing the world too much, most people can relate.
But in the dance and performance world, this can be on a much bigger scale.
The introduction of StickIt Body Glue will hopefully make these malfunctions a thing of the past.
NowUC caught up with co-creator Jana Prencel to see what makes this product different from other competitors on the market.

StickIt Body Glue

For those who don’t know, what is StickIt Body Glue? 
The simple answer is it’s a sticky adhesive glue. You roll it onto your skin and press down firmly on the item of clothing that you’d like to stay down. After a few seconds it will stick and hold in place.
What demographic is Stick-It Body Glue targeted to?
We recognise this is a very niche product, and many people probably haven’t used, or heard of this before. Mostly we are aiming it at the dancing world, such as ballet and gymnastics to keep leotards in place, and remove the fear of wedgies while performing. Also, Irish dancers can use the glue to hold their socks up during competitions.
Why did you create StickIt Body Glue?
We created Stick-It because we recognised there was a gap in the Australian market for adhesive body glue. We recognise that overseas this is quite a popular area with lots of products coming from the UK, United States and Asia. Unfortunately, when you look at Australia, there weren’t any Australian based companies or suppliers selling directly to the Australian public. They all had to be imported for the customer. As a result, we saw this to be quite expensive. Bulk buying from overseas can take weeks to arrive. So, we created Stick-It to be available straight to the Australian people, from an Australian company.
When creating it, what was the criteria that you wanted to achieve?
When we created our product, there were definitely a few things that were a must have for the design. Firstly, it must be affordable, both for ourselves as a company, but also for our customers. So, it had to be value for money. We also wanted something that was hypoallergenic, something that wouldn’t cause anyone rashes or concern. We also wanted it to be easy to wash off and be able to be used on various fabric from silk to cotton to polyester. Finally, and most importantly, we needed to make sure that it did what it said it would do!
What kind of research went into creating the formula?
So, in terms of research, we didn’t really create the formula ourselves, we recognised there were about five or six different brands on the market that advertise themselves as adhesive body glue. So, what we wanted to do was find the best one, private label it and bring it to Australia, so we based the formula off similar products. So, while it is not a unique formula and can be found in other products, it is now uniquely Australian. However, this formula ticked all our boxes as said before, and it does exactly what it’s meant to do.
In your opinion though, why do you think people will buy StickIt?
While in the overseas market we may not sell a lot of our product, here in Australia, the demographic this product is designed for will hopefully realise that we are a more affordable and more accessible brand for all their body adhesive glue needs.

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