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Road Trip for Anzac Day Holiday

Along the coastline of Australia there are lots of beautiful bays and beaches for designated for relaxing which is perfect for the holidays and also for weekend trips.

Below lists two road trip ideas for the upcoming ANZAC Day public holiday and will show the attraction of the destinations.

Route 1: Canberra > Batemans Bay > Sunshine Bay > Depot Beach 

Batemans Bay

Image: Kimberly Kang

Batemans Bay is the nearest beach town to Canberra which is 2 hours drive from Canberra. Batemans Bay is located in the South Coast region of NSW which is also a popular place that attracts olderd people and young families who pursue the comfortable beach lifestyle. For ACT residents, Batemans Bay is good for a day trip or for a weekend as it is a relaxing short holiday. If you like seafood, there are a number of restaurants in the town centre to enjoy fresh seafood. As the centre of Oyster Coast in Australia, you can buy fresh oysters from farmers directly.


Image: Kimberly Kang

Sunshine Bay

Sunshine Bay is to the south of Batemans Bay and only a ten minute drive. Also it’s a quiet place for walking along the bay and to enjoy some lovely beaches. Reminder that the main road runs just behind the beach with a small parking area toward the south end, opposite a caravan park. There is a launching ramp and a few boat sheds in the southern corner.

Image: Kimberly Kang

Depot Beach

Start from Canberra in the morning, have lunch and enjoy the sunshine in Batemans Bay and Sunshine Bay. A good choice for you is to have a camp in the Murramarang National Park and also beautiful Depot beach nearby. The sea usually give a relax feeling and a camp in the forest provides different activities for the road trip.

Image: Kimberly Kang


Route 2: Canberra > Jervis Bay > Hyams Beach > Calllala Beach > Point Perpendicular Lightstation

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is praised as one of the safest and most beautiful bays in the world and is three hours drive from Canberra. It is a great location for underwater diving and recreational fishing. Jervis Bay is located on the south coast of NSW and has 102 square kilometre oceanic bay. On a sunny day, blue sky and clear water with white-sand beach makes for a fantastic view.

Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is the most popular beach in Jervis Bay with the whitest sand beach in the world as listed by Guinness World Records. Because the white sand contains different minerals from the yellow sand, it shows the special white colour and attracts tourists from all over the world. Walk along the white-sand beach, listening to the squelching go the sand under foot.

Image: Kimberly Kang

Callala Beach

Another beautiful beach near Jervis Bay that also has brilliant white-sand and blue waters. Callala beach, is a charming coastal town with lots of things to do, such as swimming, fishing, bushwalking, and sailing etc. Sailing lessons offered by Jervis Bay sailing club at Callala Bay. A popular fishing spot is village Myola and Currambene Creek. In addtion, you can rent a boat at Woollamia Boat Ramp to enjoy the waterway.

Image;Kimberly Kang

Point Perpendicular Lightstation

The Point Perpendicular Lighthouse in Jervis Bay gives an outlook of the whole bay and out to the South Pacific Ocean. Rock-climbers could climb on the vertical rock near the sea and challenge themselves adding another dimension to the trip.

Image:Kimberly Kang

Imgae: Kimberly Kang

Route 2 to Jervis Bay is a little further than the road trip to Batemans Bay, but not too much longer of a drive. If you’d like to have a road trip to the beach, these two routes are recommended as they can be completed in a day and are close to the ACT.

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