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Event Coverage: Hug a Tree


Hug a Tree Day at the National Arboretum Canberra, kicked off its inaugural event on May 5th where over 370 people simultaneously hugged a tree for one minute.

Adam’s Forest and Hug a Tree Day are in honour of the late Adam Burgess: NowUC Courtney Green

The event was in honour of Adam Burgess, the founding curator at the Arboretum, who planted the first tree back in 2007, and passed away last year. Before Burgess, the Arboretum was a commercial pine plantation.

The event was filled with people both young and old, and even some canine’s were there for the momentous day.

The National Arboretum Canberra’s Facebook described Hug a Tree Day as “celebrating the special connection that people have with trees, the people that dedicate their lives to trees, and the joy that trees can bring us.”

Participants who took part in the event were handed with a certificate afterwards: NowUC Courtney Green

While the Arboretum had planned for many more participants then there was. Volunteers on the day admitted that not much marketing had been done for the event, which explained the low numbers.

Registrations took place in the morning to track the number of people in attendance. The event was a practice run for an upcoming Guinness World Record attempt. The current record for the largest tree hug is 4620 people set in 2017 in India.

Whether, you were there in honour of Adam Burgess, to connect with nature, or just curious to see what it looks like when hundreds of people hug a tree at the same time. There’s no denying that there’s something pure and innocent about connecting with nature and hugging a tree.


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