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Event Coverage: So That You Might Know Each Other

The National Museum of Australia’s latest exhibition, which runs from the 20th of April to the 22nd of July, is an engaging exploration of Islamic faith and culture.

Entitled So That You Might Know Each Other (STYMKEO), this must-see Canberra-exclusive event sponsored by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates honours the worldwide achievements of Muslim people and will act as a great learning experience for many.

Featuring over 100 transfixing artefacts from the 18th to  20th centuries, STYMKEO will appeal, first and foremost, to historical enthusiasts.

An assortment of artifacts. Photo credit: Jordan McSweeney

This is because the impressive amount of clothing items, instruments, jewellery and manuscripts, a lot of which have never been seen in Australia before, provide unmatched insight into the traditions and spirituality of an Islamic society from days gone by.

The exhibition also highlights just how much of a role Muslims played in the discovery of Australia’s outback.

“I had no idea about any of that stuff”, said Lilith Jackson, one of the event’s very first visitors.

“If you told me yesterday that Muslims were some of first people to navigate the country, I would’ve called you crazy.”

It’s also worth mentioning just how unique this event really is.

In a time where the media often misrepresents followers of Islam in harmful ways, it’s strange to see something so celebratory in our current political climate.

The Holy Quran. Photo credit: Jordan McSweeney

The exhibition comes highly recommend because not only is it an interesting look back at Islam’s past but it’s an event that really challenges attendees to open their minds up a little and embrace the differences that make us who we are.

As for the presentation and layout of the exhibition, well, it’s absolutely beautiful.

The patterned walls are adorned with all sorts of information that invite you to dig deeper while the lighting around the rooms have an attractive balance between light and dark.

The strong colour combination of white and black also works incredibly well and makes the rare use of blue and gold even more noticeable and eye-catching.

It’s clear the designers have worked hard to deliver an exhibition that’s not only captivating and inviting, but also physically comfortable and aesthetically stimulating.

STYMKEO is definitely worth your time and with an entry price of zero dollars and zero cents, there’s really no excuse not to get up, get out and head on over to the National Museum of Australia.

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