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Q & A with musician Arley Black

Singer song-writer Arley Black: Image Supplied Arley Black

Arley Black is a singer song-writer, originally from Tamworth NSW, who has been performing since the age of nine after entering a song writing competition. She plays with her guitar in her arms and her heart on her sleeve. Ms Black has performed with artists from Thirsty Merc to Mickey Mouse and Courtney Green spoke with her to talk about her music career.

What made you get into music?

Growing up in Tamworth I attended every Country Music Festival until I left town in 2011, so music was all around me. My mum also ran the busiest pub in town so I was in the company of incredible musicians from a really young age, including Keith Urban who busked outside Mum’s pub before he was discovered.

How long have you been performing?

I’ve been performing professionally for 12 years. I did my first songwriters night when I was 12-years-old at a small bar in the main street of Tamworth. The following year I was offered a few Sunday morning gigs at local cafes, and eventually a spot every Sunday night at a local pub.  I did these kinds of gigs throughout high school, and when I left town I contacted a booking agent in the Newcastle/Hunter region. He gave me a gig a fortnight at some dodgy pubs and RSL Clubs in the region, but within three years I was playing full time at some of the best venues in NSW.

Arley Black Performing at Customs House Hotel, Newcastle: Image Supplied Arley Black

What kind of acts have you worked with?

I’ve had the honour of playing with some incredible talent such as Thirsty Merc, Morgan Evans, Toni Childs, The Adam Eckersley Band and most recently, Daryl Braithwaite.

But perhaps my most impressive duo was when I completed an internship in Entertainment at Walt Disney World in 2013. During this time I was lucky enough to sing with Mickey Mouse a number of times, and alongside some of Disney’s most amazing performers.

Since you’ve performed with Daryl Braithwaite, I have to ask, do you like the song the Horses?

Surprisingly Yes. Ask most musicians that have been in the pub music scene for a while and the answer nine times out of ten is no. But I vibe off people vibing, and if you don’t vibe off Horses on a Friday night after three too many pints, who are you?

How would you describe your style of music?

I’d describe it as pop folk with a country sound. I used to hate associating my sound with country, but I feel like it was inevitable after growing up in the country music capital of the world.

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