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Q&A with Canberra musician Liam Wright

Born and raised in the nations capital, Liam Wright is becoming a well-known name in the Canberra music scene. A hard-working folk/roots musician seeking to grow and develop as an artist, Liam Wright has performed over 75 gigs in the last 12 months, and has travelled to multiple venues throughout Victoria, New South Wales, and of course the ACT in the process.  NOWUC got the chance to catch up with Liam Wright to discuss his music, ambitions, and motivations.

Liam Wright performing at The Front Gallery and Cafe in Lyneham
  1. How and when did you originally get into performing music?

After playing guitar for about 8 years and slowly developing my voice to sing, I started off busking as I had seen other people using their talent to make a bit of money on the side. As I got a bit older I built the confidence to go to open mic nights at pubs, specifically the George Harcourt Inn. Then that kind of led me into performing gigs at live music venues, pubs and cafes.

  1. What are your biggest inspirations and motivations?

My biggest inspirations would be artists such as Paul Kelly, Angus Stone and Neil Young, all of which have a huge success story within the music industry. A big motivation for me is watching other musicians that are absolutely killing it, playing sold out shows and big festivals. That is definitely what I dream of achieving one day.

  1. Who has supported and helped you the most?

I think that my parents have been my biggest support ever since I started playing guitar. My dad in particular always loves coming along to shows in Canberra or somewhere along the road, he is constantly proud of me and always encourages me. A couple of older musicians by the names of Jack Biilmann and James Bennett have helped me hugely as well! They have guided me and given me advice, really shaping the position that I am in today.

  1. What has been your most memorable performance?

One of the most memorable gigs I’ve played would be supporting Kim Churchill at the Street Theatre here in Canberra. Never had I played in such a big venue to such an attentive crowd! It was dead silent and I felt respected by the audience. My parents came to this gig and they still say that this is the best set I’ve ever performed.

Liam Wright supporting Kim Churchill at the Street Theatre in September 2017
  1. What are your ambitions / how do you plan to further develop as an artist and musician?

My ambitions for the future would be to keep writing, keep recording and start touring more and more. In terms of developing as an artist, my plan is to really perfect my performance and make it something special, so when people come to my shows they go home stoked on what they just witnessed.

If you are interested in listening to any of Liam Wright’s music or maybe even attending his next show, jump onto his website or his Triple J Unearthed page.

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