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A Star Is Born or A Star Is Lost?

A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, is a film causing headlines all across the world for many different reasons.

The Oscar-nominated film is based around the bittersweet love story of two musicians, both struggling to find happiness. The two lead characters; Jackson (Cooper) and Ally (Gaga), find themselves falling in love after Jackson stumbles into a bar Ally is performing at one night.

Jackson is small town southern man who has had a rough upbringing but winds up being a hugely successful musician. He finds himself immersed in a drug and alcohol addiction, peppered throughout his life, as he struggles to manage his success. After becoming romantically and professionally involved with him, Ally is opened up to a completely new world.

Throughout the film there are many struggles between the two, mainly due to Jackson’s addictions. The other would be due to Ally’s career choices. Through the plot, two consistent themes arise; one draws attention to the media and how it can dictate and sway an individual’s choices, whilst the other is how mental health issues are abundant in the entertainment industry in today’s society.

The entire vibe of the movie delves into the typical drama, romance with a dash of comedy categories and cuts with a heart wrenching ending that left cinemas everywhere shocked.

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Repost from @oprahmagazine: #Oprah’s review of #AStarIsBorn: I’m in awe of @ladygaga. How did she do that?! So vulnerable, so open. And Bradley Cooper directing and starring? It was all so intimate and so powerful! I can’t shake it. I want to see it again—which I never do.

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The acting was raw, real and compelling in the film. The scene in which Gaga and Cooper perform on stage together at a festival was filmed at Glastonbury and Coachella, held in both the UK and the US respectively. The concert was Cooper’s first musical performance in front of a crowd, with thousands of punters gathering to watch their first performance. With live music events providing unknown outcomes and various interruptions, authenticity was most obviously at the forefront of the director’s priorities.

A Star Is Born’s soundtrack is a standout for this film. The songs which they created for the film, such as Shallow and Alibi, have gone onto win an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Grammy among many more. Shallow alone has over 482 million plays on Spotify. The transferable success of these ballads from film to reality made the story feel all the more alive and relatable to viewers.

Whilst some viewers found the movie to be a bit ‘corny’, with many being distracted by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s crazy on-screen and off-screen chemistry, the storyline itself was deep and is very relatable to most viewers.

It emphasises how mental health issues are prominent in the music industry today, and this is something we would have all seen in our time. I believe they cracked a door open on what would be a very accurate depiction of what has happened in the past with some of our most dearly beloved rockstars, making it a rather insightful and powerful movie.

With the all star cast, award-winning soundtrack, controversial message of the film or the scandalous supposed love affair between Gaga and Cooper causing a stir worldwide, this film is a must watch.

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