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Australia’s Hilltop Hoods produce record breaking chart topper

Australia’s greatest ever rap group Hilltop Hoods have featured in the ARIA record books with their 8th album ‘The Great Expanse’.

‘The Great Expanse’ is the groups 6th #1 album and takes the gong for  most chart toppers by any Australian band or group.

Hilltop Hoods have shaped and influenced the Australian rap game with their matured vocals and new aged beats. They have collaborated with other great Australian artists such as ILLY, Ruel and Timberwolf as well as the up and coming stars Ecca Vandal, Adrian Eagle and Nyassa.

By incorporating the Hilltop Hoods classic Aussie style rap with the new age lyrics and flow of ILLY, Ruel and Ecca Vandal, ‘The Great Expanse’ has been able to blend a hybrid form of rap and contemporary pop.

Hilltop Hoods continue to spread the intake of Australian rap across the globe, whilst also having sculpted the presentation and production of rap in Australia. Tracks such as ‘Leave Me Lonely’ and ‘Clark Griswold’ have already had great success on the charts and has helped boost the reception of the album.

Hilltop Hoods have matured lyrically since their earlier albums. The new album looks at the difficulties of balancing ‘life as an artist’ with home life, whilst also dealing with people, fame and depression.

The way the album often jumps from serious hard hitting tracks to the more fun playful tracks keeps listeners interested and looks to draw out  multiple emotions when listening.

The songs ‘Leave Me Lonely’, ‘Exit Sign and ‘Sell It All, Run Away’ all show themes of dealing with negative people and not caring what they think. The songs touch on how after years of being in the music business and being very popular you need to be able to deal with criticism, annoying fans and strains of touring. These songs also deal with how you need to be willing to cut out negative people in your life.

MC Pressure (One of the Lead Rappers) takes on the themes of balancing the musicians life with home life and difficulties that come with touring. He expands on how hard it is to find a balance and how he often feels lost and abandoned. ‘Fire and Grace’ may be the albums most emotional track, tackling themes of depression. He uses the words, “You wear that mirage of perfection like a mask for depression.” The juxtaposition between Ruels’ soft slow lyrics and Hilltop Hoods rapping give the song a great balance.

Even though the Hilltop Hoods have shown no signs of slowing down, they have been able to adapt and change their music style to accommodate Australia’s changing rap scene. Hilltop Hoods have proven again that they are able to produce quality music that can appeal to a large audience and they will continue to influence and sculpt Australian rap.


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