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Three Unique Activities for a Fun Group Night in Canberra

The typical night out for many Canberra University students is clubbing in Civic, drinking at the Pub or relaxing at the cinemas. Although this is Canberra’s standard nightlife, these routine group activities can be repetitive and dull. For those longing to try something different for a night out, here are three local exciting, unique activities to try.


For a night of delicious wood-fire pizza, a relaxing atmosphere and board games galore, Guild in Civic is the place to go. Guild is shelved with every board and card game imaginable; ranging with notoriously well-known games of Cards Against Humanity and Mouse Trap, to the lesser known obscure games such as Snake Oil and Camel Up. Built for social interaction and stimulation, Guild is structured with comfortable, padded booths and large tables allowing groups to play and mingle. Selected board games are either free to play or have a $3 per person cover fee.

Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas

Formerly known as Australian Pizza Kitchen, Guild has preserved the former restaurants’ tradition of producing tasty wood-fire pizza. Guild designed their menu on easy eating without interference for people gaming. Their menu has a variety of shared-platter entrees, fresh salads, hearty mains, gooey desserts and a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas
Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas









Guild is easily located in the sunken nook near Bailey’s Arcade. With its cosy vibe, fantastic food, colourful drinks and array of thrilling games for a long night of competitiveness and fellowship, Guild is a unique and embracing restaurant for all.


For a thrilling alternative to a standard night on the town, why not try throwing axes? Axxe opened in Fyshwick in November 2018 and is currently the first and only axe throwing business in Australia. Axxe is a unique activity designed for groups of two or more to experience throwing American steel axes at wattle-wood targets. Axe throwing is an activity for anyone and everyone, whether you’re a first-timer playing with friends or celebrating a special occasion; their motto is, “the more the merrier.” Axxe also has a break room venue next door, Breakr.

Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas

Axxe operates by bookings only, as all reservations must be booked and pre-paid at least 24 hours beforehand. Session times depend on group sizes and are usually between 45 minutes to two hours. Groups of eight or more can book private sessions, however groups with less can only use public throwing lanes. There are two different games groups can play; a merciless double elimination or competitive league style tournament. All group players will have a chance of throwing independently before fighting and battling one another to become the ultimate champion.

Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas
Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas








If you’re a worried first-time player, Axxe has dedicated axe throwing coaches for the entire session. The coaches demonstrate and instruct proper axe throwing techniques to players and are extremely kind and patient. Axxe has an exhilarating yet relaxed atmosphere with comfortable seating as well as cheap drinks. Warning, it quickly becomes stimulating and addictive. Axxe is a competitive and adrenaline-seeking activity for all, making for an extremely fun night as teammates learn the mastery of axes.

Soundbox Karaoke and Bar

A great substitute for drinking at the Pub, merrily sing at the karaoke bar. Soundbox Karaoke and Bar in Dickson is a fantastic and affordable karaoke bar. It has eight spacious, comfortable and sound-proof rooms all with touch-screen karaoke with an enormous assortment of over 300’000 songs in five different languages. Each room has an amazing sound system and entertainment equipment for a long group session of dramatic and hilarious reenactments of karaoke classics such as Good Charlotte “I Just Wanna Live”, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” or The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).”

Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas

Soundbox Karaoke and Bar operates by bookings at least twelve hours beforehand. Soundbox has special afternoon karaoke happy hours offering $10 per person for two hours from 1pm to 6pm on Sundays to Thursdays, and night specials of buy two hours get one free. The bar has an extensive selection of different alcoholic drinks including beers, ciders, spirits, cocktails and wines. For those not interested in extensive drinking, the bar has a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks and snacks available.

Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas
Photo Credit: Naomi Thomas







Soundbox Karaoke and Bar has an extraordinary fun factor for groups searching for activities that include a colourful drink, extensive and theatrical singing and the opportunity to have fun with your friends. If Soundbox’s food menu is not to your appeal, the area has countless alternatives with surrounding restaurants and nearby takeouts to explore before or afterwards. With a great playlist of assorted songs, comfortable seating and fun drinks, Soundbox Karaoke and Bar guarantees a night of fun and entertainment.

If you’re looking to try unorthodox activities specifically unrelated to Canberra’s typical nightlife, a night at Guild, Axxe and Soundbox Karaoke and Bar is a vastly worthwhile and unforgettable experience for everyone. I personally recommend you check them out.

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Wow! I had no idea that such fun places existed in our small city. Great article, and I'm thinking axe throwing needs to be added to my bucket list alongside Great White Shark viewing (from within in a cage)!

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