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Top destinations in North Canberra to take your energetic farm dog.

Summer is one of the most difficult seasons to get motivated to walk your dog. As the sweltering weather draws to an end in Canberra, we feel the leash around our necks loosen and broadens the endless possibilities of places to take our furry companions.

We can begin to worry less about which destinations are going to be too hot for our dogs, and which paths are going to burn their poor little paws, but rather which places they would find most enjoyable.

Ash the Kelpie- Photo taken by Jodie Kirkness

My dog Ash, is a 3-year-old Australian Kelpie. Initially, Australian kelpies were bred to herd sheep in hot conditions, which is where he gets his love for chasing his ball and playing with his toys. He has even exchanged herding sheep with following our small tabby cat around the house. Most of all, he loves going on long walks where he can stretch his legs and run!

So, where are some of the best places in North Canberra to take your energetic farm dog? Have a look at our 3 days of dog destinations below!

Yerabbi Pond:

First up is Yerabbi Pond which is located close to the Gungahlin town centre. This area is easily accessible from all sides with plenty of parking.

Depending on how energetic your pet is you can decide to go on a 2km loop or the 4km loop, or if you’re feeling particularly motivated you can combine both loops for a 6km walk.

Ash the Kelpie at Yerabbi Pond- Photo by Jodie Kirkness

There are plenty of other dogs walking this track and it is a good one to tire out your dog. If he is feeling really hot he can have a play in the pond to cool down.

Ash and I would rate this area quite high on the dog walking scale but, keep in mind there are a lot of other dogs and people around so you might have to keep your companion on a leash to avoid any mishaps.

Palmerville Heritage Park:

Palmerville Heritage Park was the next destination on our dog’s week out. It is possibly one of the most underrated destinations in Canberra to take your dog and is unknown to most who dwell in North Canberra.

Sign at Palmerville Heritage Park- Photo by Jodie Kirkness
Ash the Kelpie- Photo taken by Jodie Kirkness









With an abundance of native Australian wildlife and history, the park is great for you and your furry best friend. When you move over the bridge that leads into the heart of the area, you are greeted with trees lining both sides of an orange pebble path.

Ash the Kelpie- Photo taken by Jodie Kirkness

At this point, you are allowed to let your wonderful dog off his lead to run off ahead of you and sniff at the many trees available. Just make sure that you steer clear of the long grass, especially in the warmer months because native animals may have made a home in the grass.

Forde Dog Park:

Finally, a dogs week out would not be complete without visiting the classic “Dog Park” in Forde. Ash and I liked this Dog Park because it was quiet and perfectly suited his timid nature.

Forde Dog Park- Photo by Jodie Kirkness

The iconic Dog Park sculpture at the entrance leads you into the park, which is full of little obstacles for your dog to leap and bound over, for a fun experience.

There is appropriate signage around the park discarding aggressive dogs from the park so your canine friend can safely play. These are only a few of the awesome destinations to take your dog in Canberra, but they’re certainly a worthwhile adventure, and definitely deserve more than a single visit!



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