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Did Someone Say Cocktails? The 3 Cocktails You MUST TRY in the Canberra City

The beloved cocktail. An intoxicating mixture of alcohol, fruit juice, cream, ice and to top it all off served in a fancy glass. It’s a favourite for many on a night out.

With an abundance of places in the Canberra City that boom with fresh and vibrant cocktails, choosing which one to try can be an overwhelming and difficult decision. Well, the struggle is now over!  We have put in the hard yards and went on a search to determine which bars, clubs and pubs have the best cocktails to offer based on taste, look and price.

Here are our top 3:

Mango Weis Bar (Kokomo’s)

Photo Credit: Katie Golding

Containing vodka, mango liquor, coco lopez, mango nectar and fresh lime, this Mango Weis Bar cocktail will take you back to summers days hanging out by the pool.  At $16.00 each, this thirst-quenching cocktail is extremely refreshing, looks great and is reasonably priced, which is why it has made our list.

Watermelon Massacre (Zaab Street Food)

Photo Credit: Katie Golding

With vodka, watermelon, vanilla, mint, apple and lemonade, what more could you ask for in a delicious cocktail like the Watermelon Massacre! At $12.00 each, this cocktail is an absolute bargain and packs a punch. Asides from its great taste, the packaging design is extremely cute, very unique and is inspired by the main ingredient, watermelon. What’s great about the Watermelon Massacre is that it can also be transformed into a mocktail for your sober friend, just ask the bartender to leave out the vodka.

Jessica Rabbit (White Rabbit Cocktail Room)

Photo Credit: Katie Golding

One cocktail, which you can guarantee to find in most bars and clubs, is an Espresso Martini. The Jessica Rabbit Espresso Martini, from White Rabbit Cocktail Room, made our list because it stands out from the rest. Containing caramel vodka, Kahlua, fresh espresso and to top it all gooey caramel sauce dripping all around the edges, this drink is sweetly fantastic. At $20.00, the Jessica Rabbit is a bit more on the expensive side, but it’s just such a nice twist on a classic drink, which is why it’s made the list.

Special Mention:

A fantastic Cafe and Bar, Elk & Pea on Lonsdale Street, is known for its booze and brunch. The cocktails pictured below didn’t make the list as they’re not on the regular menu. It’s a cheeky concoction, which the Bartender made for us, that was too good not to share! One of the many variations of their most popular cocktails includes the pink one containing whisky, white chocolate liquor and a spoonful of marmalade. It sounds like an odd combo, but don’t knock it until you try it. Simply tell the Bartender your favourite spirit, then sit back and enjoy your drink!

Photo Credit: Katie Golding

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