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Easter Feaster: Canberra’s ‘Hottest’ Hot Cross Bun Destinations

Easter is hopping up fast this year and that can only mean one thing: Easter treats are on the shelf! This means that we can stuff our faces with chocolate eggs and bunnies and not feel so bad about it after.

However, when you’re tired of chocolate but still need that perfect snack to go with your cup of tea, then a tasty hot cross bun is just what satisfies. Warmed up with a bit of butter, they have always been an Australian favourite but with so many bakeries around, how do we know the best place for a hot cross bun?

We have done the munching for you and have found the best hop spots in Canberra for those sweet delights.


Tinker Tailor

Located in Casey Marketplace, this funky little bakery had quite the hot cross buns. Made at Knead Patisserie in Belconnen,  I was lucky enough to grab the last one they had left. So before I even had a taste, I knew I was in for something special. Although it may not be the most attractive bun to look at, the taste was certainly amazing! Sweet and doughy, with a little bit of cinnamon, it was the hot cross bun of my dreams. Everything I was hopping it would be. My only criticism is that compared to other buns, this one was a bit on the pricey side.

Price:$3.00 each

Rate: 4/5

Sweet Bones Bakery

Located in the heart of Braddon on Lonsdale street, this famous vegan cafe definitely put the twist on your traditional hot cross bun. The ‘cinnabun’ as it was called, was more dense and heavy than what I was used to, however still packed with flavour! Let’s just say you can most certainly tell why they call it the cinnabun. A must try for all those looking for a more different taste this Easter.

Sweet Bones also offers a chocolate cherry flavoured bun, which is another great option for not only vegans but those looking for new flavours to give a try.

Price:$6.00 each

Rate: 3.5/5

Three Mills Bakery

Born and bread in Canberra, this cool Majura Park bakery most certainly did have ‘Eggcellent’ buns! The fruity aroma was the first thing I smelt as I grabbed it off the counter. Sitting down and taking a bite, my tastebuds instantly lit up. A citrus fruity flavour was something I never knew I wanted in a hot cross bun. Without doubt, it is my new favourite in Canberra and I will definitely be back here before the end of Easter to stock up for the winter.

Price: $3.00 each

Rate: 5/5

Bakers Delight 

With multiple locations across Canberra, Bakers Delight is always a favourite when it comes to buying hot cross buns. Their traditional bun is something that is always on my list. With a plump shape and picture perfect cross of icing, it is definitely the most attractive I have tried. However after trying some more homemade traditional flavours, I must say that the infamous buns are quite average in comparison. Missing that ‘X’ factor, so to speak. Although if you are on a budget, they are also the cheapest of the bunch coming in hot at $1.50 each.

Baker’s Delight also offers a basket full of other flavours. These include chocolate, mocha, apple & cinnamon and fruitless. Although some of these may be a bit sweeter than your usual hot cross bun, they are great options for those who may not be a fan of traditional but still want to get in on all the fuss.

Price: $1.50 each

Rate: 3/5


While the buns are a classic for all things Easter,  we have found the best hot cross bun flavoured goodies to give a go as well.

Hot Cross Bun flavoured M&M’s

M&M’s are always a big hitter, with flavours from original, caramel and even crunchy. Now they have come out with a new flavour for lovers of all things Easter. You guessed it… Hot Cross Bun! These cinnamon flavoured chocolates sent off little fireworks in my mouth. I must say I was impressed! My only critique would be that it was lacking that fruity flavour that I usually look for in a hot cross bun.

Located at all Coles across the ACT.

Price: $4.00

Rate: 3/5

Haigh’s Hot Cross Bun Chocolate

In the heart of the Canberra Centre, these chocolate moguls have also decided to combine two Easter favourites. With a chewy centre and hard chocolatey shell on the outside, they were sweet gooey. With their fruity flavour, they almost tasted like a christmas pudding however being a bit too rich, I only gave them a low ranking.

Price: $3.50 each

Rate: 2/5

T2 Baxter Bun Tea

As a lover of tea, when I heard that the brewing giants, T2, had come out with a Hot cross bun flavour, I knew I had to try it. Located at T2 stores across the capital, this really did impress me way more than I expected. Something I thought would be sweet ended up being a perfect black tea with a slight cinnamon flavour. Enjoyed either black or with milk, this is the perfect tea to enjoy with your Hot cross bun these Easter afternoons.

Price: $26.00

Rate: 4.5/5



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