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Finding the Best Mexican Food in Canberra

The mixture of different flavours and spices means that Mexican food is the perfect combination for any foodie. Spiced meats paired with salsa and vegetables make up everyone’s favourite Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos, and nachos.

Credit: Nathan James

Canberra is home to many great Mexican restaurants which provide a look into Mexican culture and provide a great tasting food. Out of all Mexican restaurants in the Nation’s Capital, a list of five of best have been made.


Zambrero is an international Mexican fast-food chain. Founded in 2005, Zambrero has always been one of the best Mexican food stops. Consisting of a wide range of fillings, salsas, vegetables and sauces, Zambrero allows for the customer to create their own Mexican favourites. Fillings such as slow-cooked beef, chicken, pork and a different vegetarian options each month allow for anyone to choose how they want their taco. For an extra price, you can have sour cream and guac to go along with cheese, lettuce, tomato salsa, onions and corn. There is a range of sauces to choose from and it all depends on how spicy you like it. The price is reasonable for the quantity of food you are getting in each meal. The location is better than some other restaurants as it is a fast food chain meaning it is located all over Canberra in many different suburbs; including Belconnen, the City and Jamison.

Credit: Nathan James


Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez was founded in 2006 and just like Zambrero, it is worldwide with stores in Japan and Singapore as well as Australia. Unlike Zambrero, the restaurant does not allow you to create your own, it only allows you to choose a filling and how spicy you would like it. The food can sometimes be made with complications but when made right the taste really shines through. The fillings such as slow-cooked beef, minced ground beef and shredded chicken all provide a flavour kick.  But Guzman fries are something special, they provide spice and flavour with the crunch on the outside and soft on the inside paired with a range of sauces. Slightly cheaper than Zambrero, it is in a good price range for the product you get.

Credit: Nathan James


Beach Burrito

Beach Burrito is a nationwide Mexican restaurant that opened in Bondi late 2006. Having expanded their business to Canberra they bring a new style of Mexican flavour to Canberrans. They mix Australian beachside culture with healthy Californian style Mexican food. My personal favourites from the restaurant are the shredded beef tacos or the Californian burrito. The shredded beef contains all the classics with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and salsa but if you are looking to expand your taste buds the Californian burrito is the way to go. The burrito has chipotle chicken, fries, chipotle aioli, jalapenos, lettuce and cheese and is much spicier than the shredded beef but still contains the great flavour.

They are located on City Walk and are open every day for lunch and dinner. A bit overpriced but the taste is worth it. The main draw to beach burrito for me is the ambience and the quality customer service. The restaurant in Canberra is currently closed and will be re-opening soon.  

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The Mandalay Bus

The Mandalay Bus is a bit of an icon in Canberra having been open for over 10 years. It has been an asset for many people looking for a late night feed. The big yellow bus is at the end of Lonsdale Street in Braddon and is open Wednesday to Saturday night. The food is delicious and is some of the best greasy Mexican in Canberra. Favourites for locals is the Pulled Pork Tortilla and the Mandalay Quesadilla. The pulled pork is paired with spicy coleslaw and a crunchy tortilla, it pretty much melts in your mouth with one bite. The quesadilla is for anyone who just wants cheese and beef, it comes with the Mandalay secret sauce and is one of the better items on the menu. It is perfect for any late night study sessions.

Credit: Nathan James



TacoTaco is an up and coming restaurant located on No Name Lane, based on authentic Mexican street food, it brings more traditional flavours, combined with modern, healthy influences. One notable aspect is the fresh made tortilla’s, which are gluten-free. Catering towards dietary requirements allows once restricted Mexican lovers to enjoy the flavours of the Mexican cuisine.  The flavour of the food at TacoTaco is truly unparalleled leaving me unsurprised of the growth of TacoTaco in Canberra. Inside the store, it was easy to see that the favourite was the chicken tinga and the braised meat tacos. Both were equally perfect providing a range of taste sensations. The tinga was spicy but had a guac that paired great with the shredded chicken. The beef was slow-cooked to perfection and is perfect for those who don’t love spice.

The only downfall is the higher price range of TacoTaco, but with higher prices comes higher quality, flavour, and general overall experience at the restaurant. Definitely a must visit for anyone who enjoys Mexican cuisine or food lovers in general.

Credit: Nathan James

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