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What’s in the name of Not Quite Committed Productions?

Have you ever had an idea so ‘out there’ that you thought it could actually work? Well, this is exactly how the theatre company  ‘Not Quite Committed’ originated. What started out as a simple hobby for writer Tessani Wells, turned into something that she could never have dreamed of.

‘Not Quite Committed’ productions is an upcoming theatre company in Canberra with a distinct focus on comedy, looking to establishing itself in the heart of Belconnen.

With their first production coming up in May, I sat down with Tessani Wells to find out more about the company’s vision and journey into Canberra’s theatre scene.

Introducing our host for A Night of Song and Mischief, Tessani Wells. Tessani’s only experience hosting anything is…

Posted by Not Quite Committed Productions on Friday, 22 March 2019

Q: How did the original idea to establish a theatre company come about?

A: It all started as a joke. I started writing a musical and then I thought wouldn’t it be funny if I a wrote an entire musical… The idea snowballed and from there we ended up creating a theatre company.

Q: At what point in the process did you think did you realise that this idea could actually become something of substance?

It was right about when I started actually editing the musical.  When I was just writing it I thought to myself ‘this was fun’. When I started editing, I realised that at that point I was trying to make it good. So now I needed to do something with it.

Q: What are you guys working on at the moment?

We are currently working on our first musical which is titled ‘Loves Labours Lust’ it is a Romeo and Juliet comedy musical that is retold from the perspective of the character Rosaline.

We just did our first concert! Featured is @onceinamillionyears singing one of our songs from the upcoming musical!

Posted by Not Quite Committed Productions on Sunday, 31 March 2019

Q: Who is in the ‘Not Quite Committed’ team?

The primary team is myself and Ella Ragless. We do most of the administration that is required aswell as most of the tasks required in other areas. I’ve also written the script and the lyrics for the musical and Ella has written all of the music to go with it.

We have done a lot of administration that includes communicating with people, other businesses and organisations. Jackie Mcintyre is our costume designer for the show and is our moral support.

We also have Thomas who is our heavy lifter. He is creating the set for the show as well as doing little bits here and there as he is also studying at university.

Posted by Not Quite Committed Productions on Saturday, 30 March 2019

Q: What are your aspirations for the company?

We’re hoping to establish ourselves as a theatre company in Canberra and to become reputable as a theatre company.

Q: Do you have a dream production that you would like to produce one day?

I think that I haven’t thought of it yet. I love weird things. I think the weirder that a concept is the better. I think that when I figure out what my dream production will be I’ll probably write it and you’ll probably know about it.

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